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Steam Deck: Drifting was caused by a software problem according to Valve

The first shipments of Steam Deck, Valve’s new portable hardware are starting to be distributed around the world and some users have already had the opportunity to experience problems with drifting linked to the analog sticks of the device. According to what was declared by the companyhowever, it would be a software problem and therefore fixable through an update.

Steam Deck: Drifting is a software problem

For the uninitiated, the phenomenon of drifting consists of the bogus input recorded by the console that causes the analog sticks to move on their own, without any action on the part of the user. It has always been a very common problem on Nintendo Switch, a platform on which it has never been solved, but which on the contrary is also present in the version. YOU ARE released a few months ago.

As regards Steam Deck however the situation seems to be slightly different, given that where on the Switch the problem is linked to the wear of the Joycons, in the case of the Valve hardware it would be the result of a software bug that occurred with the recent firmware update and, consequently, it would be resolvable through a dedicated patch, which should have already been distributed by the company.

In any case, the only reporting of problems related to the Joycons drifting It was enough to put many players to attention, given the extreme annoyance of this phenomenon, which prevents them from playing effectively by taking away control of the user’s actions. Fortunately, the cases at the moment seem very isolated and above all solved with the patch, but to be totally sure we will have to wait a few more weeks.

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