Fastweb is the fastest mobile network in Italy

Fastweb è la rete mobile più veloce d'Italia thumbnail

IS Fastweb the second fastest mobile operator in Italy Ooklathe world’s leading application testing and data analysis company for fixed and mobile networks, which he developed Speedtest. Ookla awarded Fastweb the prestigious Speedtest Award for providing the fastest mobile network speed in the third and fourth quarters of 2022.

Fastweb is the fastest mobile network in Italy

In the second half of the year, Ookla compared the results of over 292 thousand tests performed by Fastweb customers in Italy with the Speedtest mobile apps, for iOS and Android devices, and calculated the “Speed Score” of each operator. Fastweb’s mobile network achieved the best performance in terms of speed, with a valore medio pari a 73,17 Mbps in download e 12,45 Mbps in uploadtotaling a combined “Speed ​​Score” of 68.27, the highest recorded in Italy.

Just three years after the release by the Ministry of Economic Development of the general authorization as an infrastructured mobile operator, Fastweb has achieved an important recognition. It confirms its placement as convergent player and the company’s technological leadership at the service of the country’s digital transformation, also through the development of the 5G mobile network, which enables ever faster, more immediate and functional communication for the dissemination of high-performance new generation mobile services.

The words of Ookla’s CEO on Fastweb

“The Speedtest Awards, presented by Ookla, are a prestigious recognition for the fastest and best performing fixed and mobile broadband operators in the world,” said Doug Suttles, CEO of Ookla. “We are pleased to award Fastweb with the award for the fastest mobile network in Italy. This result attests to the operator’s strong performance in the last two quarters of 2022, based on Ookla’s rigorous analysis of Speedtest consumer measurements.”