The Air Force renews the site and app of the Meteorological Service

L'Aeronautica Militare rinnova sito e app del Servizio Meteorologico thumbnail

L’air Force renews its weather information platforms. The new website and the new one “Aeronautical Weather” app will offer services increasingly in line with the needs of citizens.

Military Air Force, new website and app

On the occasion of the centenary which will occur on March 28, the Air Force wanted to introduce many new proposals with the aim of putting the user at the centre. In particular, one will be available more modern and user-friendly interface, aimed at both specialist users of the sector and non-expert citizens.

It will be targeted at value more effectively the different types of information and data of the Air Force Meteorological Service. They will also be declined in various ways including through advanced maps, meteograms and widgets.

Aeronautica Militare, the new sections of the site and the app dedicated to the sea and the mountains

For the lovers of the sea and the mountains, two dedicated sections will be available. For the sea, the map is enriched with specific information. Some examples: the state of the sea, the direction and period of the wave, as well as Meteomar and Storm Warning messages.

For those who love the mountains, there will instead be the possibility of viewing the altitude of the freezing point and the forecasts in text format for the mountain stations of the Meteomont network.

Through the new portal, the Italian Air Force disseminates its meteorological data collected in real time. Some examples: remarks on over two hundred points – including those on airports throughout Italy – and, based on advanced mathematical models, provides forecasts up to five days by conveying various meteorological information to the public.

Oracle Consulting for a winning design

In the project management of the new portal and the App, the Air Force was supported by Oracle Consulting. This is the collaboration that led to the definition of a winning design solution able to guarantee the necessary skills and the success of the project, which is based on Oracle technologies and clouds.

Furthermore, Oracle CX cloud applications make it possible to collect and evaluate user behavior in real time and provide an increasingly personalized experience, always with the utmost attention to respect for privacy.