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FelGAN, Audi’s artificial intelligence for design

Audi announced that for the first time the artificial intelligence FelGAN helped the team di design to find inspiration. A technological advance that will feed the artistic talent of the German car manufacturer’s designers.

Audi announces the use of FelGAN artificial intelligence for design

Developed entirely by Audi’s IT and Design department, the new software FelGAN allows you to draw on an unlimited pool of ideas to create your own products. In practice, FelGAN quickly proposes a large number of designs that look like real photographs, combining existing designs. In practice, it offers variations and versions of shape, color, structure and other parameters, for unleash the creativity of the brand’s designers.

FelGAN comes from the crasis of German words “Felge”, Circle, and GAN: the acronym of Generative Adversarial Networks. GANs are self-learning programs in which two algorithms compete to improve each other. One of the algorithms is the image generator, the other is the discriminator which evaluates if the image is real or a creation of the former. In this way they train both, one to create realistic images, the other to recognize them.

The user interface based on superficie Streamlit allows you to perform searches intuitively, with processing taking place in the cloud to avoid the need for special hardware.

Audi designers can also feed FeilGan their own drawings and photographs to enhance its performance. Often creatives use only some elements of the FelGan creationsand then refine them harmoniously in the overall design.

Once the quality of the product has been evaluated on the drawing, in the first practical example that of the rims of a wheel, the Audi professionals create a plastic or aluminum prototype, with a high-tech milling machine.

Thomas KnispelHead of Machine Learning & Data Science at Audi says: “In the modern era, i
Data brings immense added value to companies and their employees. Audi is committed to
become a data-driven company. To this end, we will be using AI in many departments and for this our own
data team is always looking for new technologies”.

In the future, FelGAN will be able to help designers from other Audi departments, also to evaluate the impact of each element towards the carbon-neutrality balance.

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