Ferrari: here are the news for 2024!

Milan-Udinese: dove vedere la partita?

Next year promises to be a key moment for the Prancing Horse manufacturer: it’s time to replace the Ferrari 812 Superfast and bring the Le Mans experience to the road. Let’s see how together!

Among the few new features officially planned by Ferrari for 2024, we immediately find two cars of great importance commercial: the replacement for the 812 Superfast and the new hypercar, which will carry on the glorious tradition of the Brand in the GT and supercar segments respectively.

It might perhaps seem like it a limited program but, as usual, other creations in one-of-a-kind or limited series cannot be ruled out. On the other hand, one certainly cannot ignore the huge commitment already lavished on the launch of the Purosangue and the announcement of the first electric car arriving in 2025. Ferrari is gaining the trust of its customers also with regards to the creation of cars that are not strictly in line with its tradition. And he is doing it with great successes!

Ferrari: here are the news for 2024!

Ferrari: here is the new GT!

The new Gran Turismo of the Prancing Horse should also be the first in chronological order to be revealed to the public. At the moment there is still no certain presentation date and other details could be revealed very soon. In fact, the car is still in the testing phase with the lines of the bodywork duly camouflaged, to avoid any preview not authorized by the company.

As far as technical details are concerned, it should be a fairly conventional grand tourer powered by the legendary V12 that we love so much, probably derived from the Purosangue engine. However, the possibility of it being offered to customers cannot be ruled out also in hybrid version: technology is definitely not lacking!

Ferrari: here are the news for 2024!

Return to Le Mans: what the new hypercar will be like

After years of absence from the top category of the glorious French competition, Ferrari returns to 2023 compete and win at Le Mans. What better opportunity to transfer winning racing technology to the road? Here, then, is the basis on which the new one will be born Ferrari branded hypercar. The presentation date is still unknown, but it could coincide with the next edition of the queen of Endurance competition.

The car’s power unit has not yet been revealed, but by looking at the camouflaged prototypes it can be deduced that it is the V6 derived from 296 in hybrid configuration. The new hypercar will not only have the great responsibility of renewing the glories of La Ferrari, but it will also have to be the test bed for many technical solutions that will lead the Brand to electric.

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