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Ferrari KC23, the racing-style one-off

Il world l’admire and the little horse rampant bet on Ferrari KC23, the racing-style one-off with a dual personality. It’s unique, it’s special and Ferrari’s Special Projects team calls it ‘almost impossible to describe’.

Ferrari KC23, the racing-style one-off with a dual soul, press office sourceFerrari KC23, the racing-style one-off with a dual soul, press office source

From Goodwood to the Ferrari museum

The eyes of those who saw her at Goodwood are still dazzled. Now, from August 1st the Ferrari KC23 is approved at the Ferrari museum in Maranello to stay there until October 2nd.

she is thelast born of the One-Off series belonging to the Special Projects program of the prancing horse. Approved only for the track, is a pure racing style car. It is special and highly desired by a prominent collector of the House.

The lines of the line immediately catch the eye 488 GT3. Always the most successful racing car in Ferrari’s 76-year history: 530 victories and 119 championships won.

Inspiration and vision

A design exercise resulting from the creative flair of center Ferrari style brings the KC23. Created under the direction of Flavio Manzoni, it rests on the solid foundation of the 488 GT3 Evo 2020 from which it inherits the layout, chassis and engine, to create a ‘double face’ supercar.

Ferrari KC23, the racing-style one-off with a dual soul, press office source

Ferrari KC23, the racing-style one-off with a dual soul, press office source

V8 engine, all the Ferrari power

The KC23 features a mid-rear twin-turbo V8 ‘at rest’.

The layout of the car hides a series of aerodynamic and cooling features that come to life in the form of pure, flowing and sinuous lines when it takes to the track. Pure beauty, as if it had been carved from a single block of metal.

Pressing the start button of the engine transforms its appearance thanks to a customized kinematic system that reveals the huge air intakes and active aerodynamics: an invitation to push hard on the track. A transition that we could define as almost natural, as if it went from the elegance of a chic evening dress to an aggressive punk rock look, in search of its aerodynamic load.

A unique car

Since the beginning of the project the KC23 was intended to be a unique car, extreme and free from homologation constraints, with an almost timeless sophisticated bodywork that would have immediately made it a classic, with nothing to envy to the rarest and most iconic silhouettes in the company catalog and at the same time offering a tempting glimpse into the future. Such a challenging goal resulted in the reinterpretation of every single line of the 488 GT3 Evo 2020, glass surfaces and light clusters included.

Another element that catches the eye is the its Gold Mercury color, specially developed four-layer paint and with an aluminum base. The liquid metal contained in it makes it very bright when irradiated by sunlight – as if it were a living being – and allows it to change shades according to the type and angle of the light that strikes it, for an exceptionally captivating result.

Precious interiors

The cockpit has maintained the same essential structure of theracing car, with the exception of door panels and passenger side dashboard trims. The button-lined steering wheel and rocker switch panel are a hallmark of endurance racing. THE tailor-made bucket seats upholstered in Alcantara© give the passenger compartment an elegant look, perfectly integrated with the urban one of the exteriors.

Sometimes the Ferrari one-off exclusives are not shown to the public. In this case the owner is proud to share his partnership with the world. The KC23, the pinnacle of the customization possibilities offered by the House of Maranello.

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