Fiat presents the showroom in the metaverse at CES 2023

Fiat presenta lo showroom nel metaverso al CES 2023 thumbnail

LAS VEGAS – FIAT return to CES in Las Vegas with several interesting novelties, such as the New electric 500 which shows in its stand. But what at the CES 2023 also arrives in a virtual version: in fact, at the Microsoft stand, patrons of the fair can find the FIAT Metaverse Store, the first showroom powered by the metaverse.

FIAT takes the showroom to the metaverse at CES 2023

The FIAT brand wants to revolutionize the user experience to buy your next car in the simplest and smartest way possible. Made thanks to the partnership with Microsoft e Touchcast, the new showroom in the FIAT metaverse arrived in Italy a few weeks ago. But al CES in Las Vegas makes its world debut, offering a new way of finding the right car for everyone

In the FIAT Metaverse Store, customers can see, configure and even buy the New 500 La Prima by Bocelli. All with the help of FIAT Product Genius, a real person ready to answer to any question: just like in a physical showroom.

During 2023, FIAT explains to us that the entire range of the will make its debut in the metaverse New 500 and even more models. And new markets, in addition to ours and the USA, will be able to enjoy this virtual experience.

A grand launch in the United States

FIAT Metaverse Store promises to be simple to use for everyone. In fact, it does not require headsets or special hardware for virtual reality. So much so that many patrons will be able to try the version we saw in the West Hall of CES 2023. And a large number of customers in the United States will be able to take advantage of this service to buy Fiat 500e, Che to the Los Angeles Autoshow 2022 Olivier FrancoisCEO FIAT and CMO Global of Stellantis, has announced it will arrive in North America in the first quarter of 2024.

Instead of going to the dealer showrooms, American customers will be able to interact with the new 500e directly from their homes. A way to simplify the choice of your next electric vehicle.

The possibility of interacting with a FIAT Product Genius then creates a human bond also in the digital space, so that the American customers of the Italian brand have a tailor-made experience. Just like inside a dealership.

This launch allows Fiat to show its will to innovate. A historic car, which however is renewed thanks to electrification. And a common experience like the visit a showroom, but revisited within the metaverse.

Fiat at CES 2023: from the metaverse to urban mobility

The showroom in the Fiat metaverse is just one piece of the innovative strategy that the brand wants to showcase at CES 2023. In fact, the New 500 3+1 arrives in Rose Gold livery in the stand of Free2moveto show the Italian brand’s interest in smarter and more sustainable urban mobility.

In fact, Free2move customers will be able to enjoy the Fiat experience for a few minutes, days or months: really flexible rental agreements. All through the dedicated app, with a single invoice to simplify the rental.

In short: the Fiat 500 does not change only thanks to the new electric motor. The company takes this car and soon other models into the Fiat metaverse, for a virtual showroom. And it allows you to use the vehicle in the most comfortable way possible, even without buying it.