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Samsung at CES 2023: sustainability and connected experiences

LAS VEGAS – Samsung change the recipe, at least for this one CES 2023. The conference hosted by the Mandalay Bay Convention Center did not see a frantic succession of announcements, with information, prices and launch dates; mere products have given way to a more relaxed story, designed to enhance two fundamental aspects: sustainability and user experience.

Sustainability at the center

Attention to the environment is now a key point for any company, and Samsung is no exception. Its stand, which dominates the middle of the Las Vegas Convention Center, demonstrates this, as did the opening press conference, with the sustainability which occupied an important part of the Korean company’s keynote.

But what does Samsung actually do on this front?
By 2050, all Samsung plants will use renewable sources to meet their energy needs and reach the goal of zero net emissions (Net Zero). In the near term, by 2027, the DX (Device eXperience) Division will make the complete transition to renewable energy sources, achieving the goal of net zero emissions by 2030.

Samsung CES 2023 sustainability

However, sustainability is not only linked to the type of energy that powers production. Everything counts, even product design. That’s why Samsung has embraced the strategy Everyday Sustainability, which consists of integrating sustainable functions into products and services. This means, among other things, create more sustainable products through an innovative study of materials and in the field of energy efficiency.

“By integrating sustainability into the product experience, and thanks to the many users who use our devices all over the world, we will be able to contribute to the health of the planet – he declared Inhee Chung, Vice President of the Corporate Sustainability Center of Samsung. – As a result, some of our most popular products are now among the most sustainable.”

To be able to reduce one’s impact on the planet, however, it is necessary to ask for help, forge relationships, find new partners. It is an example of this the collaboration with Patagoniacon Vincent Stanley, Director of Philosophy of the US company, who talked about the new technology Less Microfiber Cycle; the next Samsung washing machines will therefore be able to exploit it to reduce the microplastics released during the washing cycle by 54%. A new Less Microfiber filter is also on the way which should reduce the dispersion of microplastics and prevent them from reaching the seas at the end of the washing cycle.

Samsung at CES 2023 with new connected experiences

Samsung CES 2023 user experience

Samsung outlined its plans to continue improving connected living experiences, today and in the future. This is how they appear on stage SmartThings Home Monitor e SmartThings Pet Care, which monitor what is happening inside the home and alert you if unusual events occur, whether this involves people or pets. These services, offered by Samsung Smart TVs, are just a few examples of how devices and the connected SmartThings platform manage to create an even smarter home.

However, the Korean company does not have the presumption of being the one and only brand inside your home. The adoption of it thus becomes central standard Matterintegrated into the new SmartThings Station, a product that on the one hand enables the smart home and on the other acts as a wireless charger.
Then comes the expansion of the partnership with Philips Hue: it will be possible to synchronize the contents of Samsung TVs with the Philips Hue lights using the app Philips Hue Sync TVavailable on the Samsung TV app store.

Samsung CES 2023 Philips Hue

Worried about security and privacy? Don’t worry: Samsung is coming Knox Matrix, that synchronizes credentials between devices easily and securely and protects sensitive information thanks to multi-level mutual monitoring, enabled by private blockchain technology.

Finally, the connected experience extends to car journeys. Marcus Fodderlieb of Harman unveiled plans to achieve a new level of intelligence, personalization and convenience in the on-board experience (ICX, In-Car eXperience). Central is Harman Ready Care, which uses a machine learning algorithm to collect and process data detected by car sensors to measure the degree of driver fatigue and distraction, offering customized intervention options to reduce risks and help improve the well-being of the driver.

More accessible TVs with Relumino

Samsung’s conference ended with the preview of Relumino, an app that will arrive on some Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs and which will allow you to improve the viewing experience of visually impaired viewers. Relumino accentuates contours and improves contrast and colors, making images sharper and more defined.

Also Samsung presented a new model of Relumino eyewearproposed for the first time at CES 2018 in the context of the C-Lab project, as well as the mobile app to make the visual experience more pleasant and personalized on any screen.

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