Fiesta Online expands with “The Realm Of The Gods” expansion

Fiesta Online si arricchisce con l'espansione "The Realm Of The Gods" thumbnail

The developers of gamigo, one of the longest running RPGs, have released the new expansion of Fiesta Online. This is the new content “The Realm Of The Gods”, which further expands the game world and adds many new features and content. The new maps are already available for players of the MMORPG title.

Three Realms have been added to Fiesta Online, and each is ruled by one of three gods: Teva, Apoline e Cypian. Each portion of the map has particular characteristics, scenarios and inhabitants. Over 100 new quests have been added to the game, thus forming a new and substantial storyline.

The additions of the new expansion of Fiesta Online

The new missions will allow players to explore and fight in the three new areas, until they meet the Gods themselves. Are available 5 new levels of experience, designed to help users face new dangers and participate in new events in dynamic areas.

The rewards for this type of challenge are obviously high, and will bring players closer to the fateful encounter with the three deities who rule the regions. The level of challenge will be guaranteed by the various new mini-bosses and from enemies and celestial beings.

The expansion includes new and dangerous dungeons. In addition to fighting, exploration will also play an important role, as there will be many secrets buried in the game world to discover. To face all the challenges and hostile beings that inhabit the new lands, players will be able to use new weapons, armor and tools.

If you are curious to find out more information regarding the new (and already released) expansion of Fiesta Online, “The Realms Of The Gods”, you can visit the official site of the MMORPG. Through the same site you can proceed with the game download, also keeping an eye on the technical requirements to run it (also suitable for less performing computers).

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