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FIFA 22: Implemented several features for DualSense

Like other Sony titles, FIFA 22 will also take advantage of the advantages of the next gen with the implementation of different features of the DualSense

Now the next gen has passed the first year anniversary. Looking back we can see how many titles, even belonging to the previous generation, have taken advantage of the characteristics of the next gen. Not only graphics but also hardware. Thanks to the features of DualSense, in fact, an additional level of interaction with the game. Today’s news, even the next one FIFA 22 will take advantage of the advantages and the feature of the DualSense. Let’s go and discover them together in this article.

Contextual vibration and 3D audio among the DualSense features added in FIFA 22

EA Sports had already done a great job porting FIFA 21 its PS5 e Xbox Series X/S. FIFA 22, in its place, having been developed natively for next gen consoles something more is expected improve compared to its predecessor. In a recent update on the PlayStation Blog, EA Sports talked about the new features of the DualSense specifications per PS5 that we can see in FIFA 22. In addition to haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, already introduced in FIFA 21, will also be introduced unique vibrations per cross, slide, for the marking and so on. Furthermore, even theaudio 3D has been enhanced for a more authentic sound experience.

FIFA 22: Implemented several features for DualSense

In particular, we will have more experience engaging and we will be able to hear the sounds produced by players on the pitch mixed with even more audio deep coming from bleachers. In some leagues, we will also be able to hear the different ones cori e tools depending on the fans. With these additions, we remember exclusively for next gen, we will have the realistic feeling of playing football at a high level. We remember that FIFA 22 will come out on first October on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia. It will also arrive for Switch in the version Legacy Edition.

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