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FIFA 22: the Stars of the Future arrive

The new EA SPORTS FIFA 22 Future Stars are available. It is a selection dplayers aged 23 or under representing the future of the world of football but who have not yet become established world stars or have not yet shown all their real capabilities. Let’s see the complete list.

FIFA 22 Future Stars make their debut

The new list of FIFA 22 Future Stars, announced in this month of February, it includes crystalline talents of world football who, over the next few years, are destined to play the role of absolute protagonists on the most important football fields.

For fans of FIFA 22 there is the possibility to include all these young talents in their team by benefiting from the evaluation increases that reflect their as yet untapped potential. In the future, these stars can become the best in the world.

Note that in the past several players like Phil Foden, Lautaro Martinez, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Erling Haaland, Mason Mount and Rúben Diaswere named Stars of the Future and then subsequently earned a nomination in the Team of the Year.

The complete list

To discover the complete list of Stars of the Futuredivided into Team 1 and Team 2you can consult the Fifa blog 22. Furthermore, for each player, the main statistics are also reported in order to clarify their real potential.

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