Bloodborne: l’uscita di un sequel, remake e arrivo su PC negate da un rumor

Bloodborne: the release of a sequel, remake and arrival on PC denied by a rumor

The Omnipotent insider seems to deny the possibilities of the arrival of a Bloodborne sequel, as well as those of the release of a remake and a port on PC

Sony’s intellectual properties, especially those that are more classic or more popular with users, have always been the subject of rumors and speculations as for the likelihood of their arrival on other platforms as well. In recent years, the renowned Japanese company has begun to take its steps more urgently in the PC title market, especially through its video game streaming service, the PS Now.

In recent months, two PlayStation exclusives have been added to the Steam catalog; factor unthinkable only until a few years ago. PlayStation is starting to build a fanbase more directed towards the titles on offer, and this tactic could prove to be the key to competing with its rival counterpart. In all this, however, there is a title that still seems to be dextinct to remain confined to PlayStation-branded devices: Bloodborne. Furthermore, a recent rumor seems to reveal how not only Bloodborne will remain on PlayStation, foiling any hypothesis of a port on PC, but there are no sequels or a remake in the pipeline.

Bloodborne ignores the PC release, scorns the remake, mocks the sequels

This rumor was released by the Omnipotent insider, closely connected to FromSoftware’s activities due to several Elden Ring leaks revealed over the years. Writing on the ResetEra website, the leaker seems quite adamant in stating that a port of Bloodborne to PC is not in the plans, and the same would also apply to the much-rumored remakes and sequels of the title of Hidetaka Miyazaki. To prove this, the insider cites a statement made by the same well-known director, who in an interview with GameSpot allegedly claimed to have concluded his work with the Dark Souls and Bloodborne series. The insider adds that, throughout his time as an insider, he would have dealt with all of From’s numerous titles, and even unannounced projects.

Bloodborne: the release of a sequel, remake and arrival on PC denied by a rumor

Admitting that he does not know details about anything, he claims that he has never, in any way, seen anything inherent in Bloodborne, even in the situations in which he would actively attempt to obtain information. No sequels, no remasters, no PC ports. It will be discouraging news, but this should therefore be the reality, at least according to the insider’s experience. Sony owns the rights to the IP, and it is not excluded that the company may entrust the next project concerning Bloodborne to the Bluepoint studio, similar to how it was with the remake of Demon Souls. Still, Omnipotent also has to say in this regard, saying he knew of the aforementioned remake, unlike the one much hoped for for Bloodborne.

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