FIFA 22: tricks and tips for FUT

FIFA 22 is available from today for those who have purchased the Ultimate version of the game, so we want to give you our tips and tricks to get started on the right foot to the new FUT

FIFA 22 made its debut on the global gaming market. After being previewed for all subscribers to the EA Play service, the new football chapter of EA Sports returns for a new edition. Like every year, the game’s flagship mode remains FUT, despite the many additions and innovations to last year’s game. Today we want to give you our tips and tricks to start building your dream team in the best possible way at FIFA FUT 22.

A matter of traditions

As usual, once you have logged into the FUT mode, the first thing to do is to form your team planning the purchase of at least 11 regular players. The initial compromise to be respected is to find players with good reliability on the field with a cost (in terms of credits) as low as possible. This is because at the beginning, unless lucky unpacking, it will be impossible to buy top players with the few credits available. At the beginning you will be provided with a poor base team with few elements of a decent level. With these players you will need to collect the first thousands of credits to start build a decent team and then improve as the season progresses. To do this, it will be necessary to resort to the SBCs or (obviously) to win games. And what better way than to use our tips and tricks?

FIFA 22: tricks and tips for FUT

Modules and tactics – FIFA 22: tricks and tips for FUT

Let’s start this with our recommended modules in FIFA 22. Let’s clarify that the FIFA 22 meta is in constant metamorphosis, then waiting to understand in which direction the goal of the game will move we will explain which modules and which tactics we have selected to be the best candidates. Let’s start with the 4-3-3, an always reliable module that guarantees a good balance and a good solidity both in attack and in defense. This year’s revelation the 5-3-2, given the importance of through passes in this new edition of the game. Even a good 4-man defense will be essential to avoid the raids of your opponent’s fast outsiders. In this regard, the 4-1-2-1-2 with wide exteriors it proves to be very effective for pocketing from the bands.

When it comes to custom tactics, however, things are slightly more complex this year. EA has integrated new tactics and changed the Width and Depth settings. From our first tests the Balanced defense remains the best while in attack Direct Passes and Fast Maneuvering with the attackers entering behind the defenders they are the most effective tactics.

The Goalkeepers – FIFA 22: tricks and tips for FUT

One of the biggest “problems” of this first patch of FIFA 22 is the overwhelming power of the goalkeepers. This year, for some strange reason, the goalkeepers are unbeatable and unrealistically responsive in the penalty area. We have already spotted several pretty good goalkeepers who can be recovered for even a few thousand credits. For the Serie A team, it can be a good choice to start with Mike Maignan. The Milan goalkeeper boasts a good 84 overall but above all an excellent 86 as regards the Reflexes. As for the Premier League, our recommendations for value for money are De Gea and the much discussed Pope. In La Liga, on the other hand, it’s fine to start with Sergio Asenjo or Neto, both good and cheap.

FIFA 22: tricks and tips for FUT

The Defenders – FIFA 22: tips and tricks for the FUT

Like last year, the main characteristics to be taken into account in FIFA 22 are Speed ​​and Defense, with the Physicist, however, acquiring greater importance than in the previous chapter. A good compromise for Serie A can be Fikayo Tomori of Milan. In the Premier League we find the best defender of the game, or Varane, for now definitely unattainable. A good alternative to start with is represented by Akè del Man City, e Joe Gomez del Liverpool. Both defenders are cheap enough to integrate seamlessly. In Liga instead we find Diego Carlos, Mario Hermoso and Jules Koundè, excellent central defenders to keep for a long time.

Speaking of full backs, we have a good choice this year. Among the recommended full-backs we certainly find Theo Hernandez of Milan. Kevin Mbabu too of Wolfsburg has a good profile to be integrated with a good understanding. In La Liga we find Renan Lodi and Rodrygo, best starters in terms of value for money. In the Premier League, on the other hand, we find a lot of choice, with Digne, Alex Telles, Reguillon ed Emerson Royal as excellent profiles.

FIFA 22: tricks and tips for FUT

The Midfielders – FIFA 22: tips and tricks for the FUT

As for the central location, we have a large choice this year. In Serie A the best starter is probably Stretcher, very agile and fast with a good foot. Starting from the Premier we find many alternatives, including Saul, Thomas Partey and Odegaard. In La Liga we find two old acquaintances from our league: Rodrigo De Paul and Papu Gomez, together with Hector Herrera on the median. On the flanks it is difficult to recommend players in particular: our advice is to choose fast players with a good pass, even better if agile.

Among the top tiers to start we find the usual Ousmane Dembele, Rodrygo, Vinicius Jr. In Premiere Lucas Moura continues to be on our lists, Pulisic left is a great choice. Rodrigo like every year it does not disappoint. In Serie A we find instead Gosens and Hateboer excellent outside midfield, while on the high flanks Lozano, Chiesa and Leao are the best choices.

FIFA 22: tricks and tips for FUT

The Forwards – FIFA 22: tips and tricks for the FUT

Also in attack we find a good choice. In the case of a trident, it will be possible to opt for the wings we talked about in the previous paragraph. On the other hand, at ATT and AT, we have a wide choice this year. In Premier the best choice to start is probably Anthony Martial, fast and good in finalization. Alongside, a good choice to start can be Calvert-Lewin o Antonio. For La Liga instead we find Joao Felix excellent starter, the usual I.naki Williams and Angel Correa. In Serie A, despite the numerous departures of the summer market, we find Mertens best choice together with Mkhitaryan and Muriel. Also Zapata and Zlatan Ibrahimovic they could have their say.

FIFA 22: tricks and tips for FUT

On the right foot

Well friends, these were our tips and tricks on how to start building your FIFA 22 FUT team. We hope we have been of help and as always we invite you to stay connected on for more news, updates and much more. from the world of video games. Also, don’t forget to check out the Instant Gaming catalog for always discounted games. Bye!