iPhone 13: Replacing the display can disable Face ID

iPhone 13: la sostituzione del display può disattivare il Face ID thumbnail

The new iPhones 13 introduce a new requirement for Face ID regarding the type of display used. The facial recognition system, in fact, in order to function correctly needs to recognize the smartphone display as original. Basically, in case of panel replacement (for example due to out-of-warranty damage to the display), the Face ID will stop working if the new display is not recognized as official or certified (among the Independent Repair Program) by the system. Users will no longer be able to use facial recognition in this situation.

Goodbye Face ID by replacing the display of the new iPhone 13

The display replacement can, therefore, preclude the possibility of using Face ID with the new iPhone 13. It should be noted that the components of the display and those of the Apple recognition system are totally independent. Despite this, the Cupertino company has set this new limit which risks, in the future, limiting the possibility of using the Face ID to iPhone 13 owners. To clarify the matter there is an in-depth video made by the YouTube channel Phone Repair Guru which we attach below.

At the moment, Apple has not yet clarified the matter and further updates may come in the future. Certainly, a limitation of this type (considering that the Face ID is the only recognition system of the smartphone) risks creating many problems for users who intend to keep the new iPhone 13 for a long time and who in the coming years will they will find themselves forced to switch panels.

Phone Repair Guru video