FIFA 23: here is the complete trophy list!

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Let’s find out together, in this quick guide, the complete trophy list of FIFA 23, the new iteration of the annual Electronic Arts football simulation series

And like every year we find ourselves here talking to you about FIFA. The quintessential football simulation series landed last September 26 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and the defunct Google Stadia. Once again its competitor will be Konami’s free-to-play eFootball, in an unequal battle that sees two different concepts of simulated football opposing each other. The novelties promised by FIFA 23 are so many and we will talk about them in a dedicated review, which we are preparing with a full immersion. In the meantime, let’s see what you will need to do to 100% complete the Electronic Arts title.

Before starting

The complete trophy list of FIFA 23 it consists of 40 total statuettes, of which 24 bronze, 12 silver, 3 gold and the inevitable platinum trophy. Given the purely sporting nature of the title, in this case we do not feel like giving you any kind of spoiler alert. You can therefore continue to scroll through the list without any kind of problem. That said, let’s get started!

FIFA 23: here is the complete trophy list!

The first part of the bronze trophies | FIFA 23: here is the complete trophy list!

Let’s start the guide with the first half of the bronze trophies:

  • N ° 1 of Volta: Reach a TOT of 90 with your avatar in VOLTA FOOTBALL.
  • Team play: Win a ROSE VOLTA match with 3 friends.
  • The dress makes the monk: Edit an object in the “Outfit” tab.
  • Shopping time: Purchase an item in the VOLTA shop.
  • Ace of inactive balls: Score a goal from a free kick.
  • Intuition and coldness: Win a penalty shootout challenge without missing a single one.
  • Training is everything: Complete all Skill Trials in the Main Menu.
  • Powerful shot: Score a goal using the powerful shot mechanic.
  • Get under it: Play / win a match with competitive settings active in any offline mode.
  • Winning formula: Build a 33-point squad in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Tactical genius: Create your own tactic in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Set the rules: Play a match using any special rules in FUT Friendlies.

FIFA 23: here is the complete trophy list!

The second part of the bronze trophies | FIFA 23: here is the complete trophy list!

We finish the bronze statuettes with the second half:

  • Impenetrable defense: Keep a clean sheet in 10 matches in Squad Battles FUT mode.
  • Do you have a moment?: Complete 1 FUT Moment.
  • Music for my ears: Play at least one match with 3 different goal tracks in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Unstoppable: Unlock all the features of a skill tree in Pro Club.
  • It’s only the beginning: Complete and win your first league match in Pro Club Seasons mode.
  • Specialty of the house: Play and complete a cup match with Special Rules in Pro Clubs.
  • Specialist: Unlock an archetype in Pro Club.
  • Multitasking: Complete at least 10 activities during a season.
  • As in reality: Complete a season with a real manager on his original team.
  • Aim high– Complete 10 improved objectives in any match.
  • Give me five: Play 5 head-to-head matches with a friend in Kick-Off mode.
  • Football without borders: Play a match with the women’s national teams.

FIFA 23: here is the complete trophy list!

The silver trophies | FIFA 23: here is the complete trophy list!

Let’s continue with the list of silver statuettes:

  • The way to success: Reach level 7 in a season in VOLTA FOOTBALL or Pro Club.
  • Shared purchase: Purchase a shareable item in the VOLTA store.
  • Pink Creation SpecialistComplete 10 Squad Building Challenges in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Winning collaboration: Win 10 co-op matches with friends online in Squad Battles or Division Rivals FUT mode.
  • Unforgettable moments– Get 100 stars in FUT Moments.
  • A season to remember: Reach Milestone 3 in a FUT Division Rivals Season.
  • The moment of truth: Earn enough FUT Champions Qualification Points to enter the FUT Champions Playoffs.
  • Exam passed: Receive an A rating in a Pro Club skill test.
  • Boundless ego: Get a personality trait that is over 75% dominant.
  • The right balance: Achieve 40% personality points in two personalities of your choice.
  • Girl Power: Win a tournament with a women’s league team.
  • With flying colors: Get the A rating for a market deal.

FIFA 23: here is the complete trophy list!

The gold trophies and the platinum trophy | FIFA 23: here is the complete trophy list!

We are approaching the end with the three gold trophies:

  • Complete wardrobe: Unlock 50 different customization items.
  • Exponential growth: Cross the 200 appearances milestone with one player in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • European legend: Win the UEFA Champions League final.

FIFA 23: here is the complete trophy list!

Finally, let’s find out the title of the FIFA 23 Platinum Trophy:

  • Trophy collector: Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies).

FIFA 23: here is the complete trophy list!

Good fun!

The complete FIFA 23 trophy list ends here. Let us know if you are playing the new Electronic Arts football simulation title below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on gaming and tech themes! And if you are interested in game keys at affordable prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!