Philips Sonicare 9000 DiamondClean review: new levels of cleaning

Braun e Bella Dentro: propongono una campagna contro gli sprechi

In this review we will talk about the Philips Sonicare 9000 DiamondClean electric toothbrush, a concentrate of technology and efficiency

Thanks to precious collaboration con Philips we were able to take home the company’s new electric toothbrush, precisely the Sonicare 9000 DiamondClean. In this review we will therefore try to bring to light the best merits e defects, in the hope of passing on the sensations try during our test. Let’s not get lost in further ado and get started with the full review right away.

Packaging and unboxing | Philips Sonicare 9000 DiamondClean review

Let’s start with the packaging which, as usual, does not make you pray for stile and plenty of information. The business card number one of Philips it is certainly this and you can already feel the quality and seriousness of the company from here. Inside the package we find the toothbrush, extremely protected, with two smart heads (model C3 Premium Plaque Defense). Also inside the package there is a very convenient pencil case for travel (rechargeable) in which it is possible to place the toothbrush and the two heads, and a glass also equipped with USB that allows it to be recharged. It is useless to talk about the materials, or maybe not, given the extreme attention to detail, in merit of the plastics and the glass used for the glass.

Technical features

Listing all the technical characteristics would be extremely long, therefore we prefer to list those that seem to us to be there features more important on which it is important to focus.

  • Voltage 110-220V
  • Compatibility with Android phones, tablets with Bluetooth 4.0 and iOS from iOS7 onwards.
  • 3 intensities (high, medium and low)
  • 4 different washing modes (Clean, Deep Clean +, Gum Healt and White +)
  • Two year warranty
  • Reminder to replace the head, pressure sensor and BrushSync technology
  • Battery life of 14 days (from fully charged to fully discharged)

Philips Sonicare 9000 DiamondClean review: new levels of cleaning

First use and considerations | Philips Sonicare 9000 DiamondClean review

Let’s start talking about design, because if it is true that a toothbrush must be performing first of all, it is also true that also the eye wants always his part. Philips is second to none in this, it has managed to churn out a product certainly not innovative from a design point of view, but still extremely satisfying to be seen. The finish matte black dona an astonishing elegance and catches the eye in every bathroom. As soon as I took it out of the package I immediately gave a quick reading of the manual, just to understand a bit how to get around. The first wash it was already a surprise. As a first wash, of course, I chose the “standard” mode, that is “Clean”. The program lasts two minutes and the head is of one bewildering comfort. The cleaning is certainly extremely thorough, as is the precision of the head.

The head is long al right point, this allows to reach even the most distant parts from the mouth in a very simple way. Under the power button there is an additional button that allows you to change the washing mode, and in the following days I tried several. The mode DeepClean+ it is the most profound one, as soon as it is finished it almost seems to have just come out of the dentist. The other two are the Gum Healtwhich grants an extra eye to the gums, while the last, White+is the one dedicated to surface stains.

Dedicated application | Philips Sonicare 9000 DiamondClean review

But what is an electric toothbrush without the dedicated application? The review of this Philips it cannot be considered concluded if we do not speak dell’App, vero cornerstone of this product. If the toothbrush already gives an extremely harmonious and successful feeling, the same can be said of the dedicated App. The first washes I did them without the App, then I proceeded to download it, and the association with the toothbrush it was really a game as kids. Within the App you can first of all enjoy specific information on our style of wash, starting from pressure sensor (able to tell us when we exert excessive pressure during washing), arriving at the tecnologia BrushSync which connects the handle and the smart head.

But that’s not all, because from the App it is possible to draw on a vast pool of articles super interesting concerns oral hygiene. I found them extremely useful, as not only spur a wash the teeth in a manner aware, but they help and give objective advice on how reach and level from enviable oral hygiene.

The criticalities found in the App are very few. Only rarely did I happen to finish cleaning and have to turn my toothbrush back on to synchronize the data with the application. This happens because after washing, the toothbrush automatically turns off. Then clearly there is never an end to the fantasy (in technological terms), therefore also l’App could increase the recommendations and maybe customize them on the basis of washing. I have to admit that even the calendar marking the days when you have used your toothbrush is a great way to keep one routine.

User experience | Philips Sonicare 9000 DiamondClean review

I believe that the secret of this type of product lies precisely there. Create a routine it is not an absolutely easy thing, especially with the extreme whirlwind of everyday life. One electric toothbrush, topped off with all these feautures, it is definitely a excellent ally to feel pampered, to create a routine, to keep alive a objective.

I bring an example to demonstrate this: before using this electric toothbrush, I have always used one manual toothbrush. I’ve probably never been particularly good at it, but I have to admit I’ve never felt my mouth this clean since using this electric toothbrush. The llevel of cleanliness is truly in another category. But this is not even the focal point of the speech. Initially I struggled to stay for two minutes brushing my teeth, after almost two weeks of use it became for me routine, also for that “healthy pleasure” of seeing the word “give me five! last time you used an exceptional technique“. Pure magic.

Philips Sonicare 9000 DiamondClean review: new levels of cleaning

Conclusions and prices | Philips Sonicare 9000 DiamondClean review

I tried a product that certainly went right into mine routine. In my opinion there is no better compliment I can give. I liked everything from design well-kept, to the high technology of the heads, up to the dedicated App which definitely turns the experience of use. There would be improvements to be made, of course; it would be great, for example, to be able to count on one map with the zone from cleaning to explore, to notice if any area has been inadvertently left out. The toothbrush is extremely silent, of style and above all useful. Recommended to everyone, by children, who could also be moved (a bit like me) by him daily goals and come on nice tips offered by the App, up to adults who want to acquire a healthy routine.

The price is not the lowest, but definitely compensates a such high quality of materials and yield in general. What do you think of this Philips Sonicare 9000 DiamondClean? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading allotek to stay updated on the latest news and more.


Points in favor

  • Careful design
  • Cleaning depth
  • Objectives and curiosities about the App
  • Low noise

Points against

  • Price a little high
  • Possibility to extend the functionality of the App