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FIFA 23: How to tell if it’s Walkout!

In this short guide dedicated to FIFA 23, let’s find out together what a Walkout is and how to understand if we are facing one: yes, this is for fans

Even this year, the commercial success of FIFA 23 surprised everyone a bit, especially those who look at the market with slightly more external eyes. The almost lack of competition in the genre, considering Konami’s turn with its eFootball towards decidedly different shores (equally interesting, but still different), has once again made the latest chapter of the Electronic Arts football simulation (here our review!) one of the best-selling video games of the year. Currently available on PC and current and last generation consoles, FIFA 23 is a marriage of old and new, between single-player campaign and lively and vivid online multiplayer and above all: it is FIFA Ultimate Team.

Before you start | FIFA 23: How to tell if it’s Walkout!

Before giving you some advice on how to find out if it’s Walkout in FIFA 23, we remind you that here on we have a long list of themed guides. From the complete trophy list, through the tips and tricks for FUT mode and its new Chemistry system, to finally getting to how to earn money fast. Now let’s get down to business: what is the walkout and how to recognize it?

bigots! | FIFA 23: How to tell if it’s Walkout!

If you’ve spent a lot of in-game cash or FIFA Points in FIFA Ultimate Team Player Packs, you know very well that feeling of expectation and hope in finding what everyone craves: a player with a high rating. As in past iterations, a good catch can already be recognized from the animations of the packs, just to further raise that feeble line of tension that each opening brings with it. So what is a Walkout?

If you get a player with an Overall Rating (OVR) from opening a pack greater than 86 points, the animation that you will find on the screen is precisely called Walkout. In this case the player appears and walks outside the screen and out of your sight, hence the name. For special cards in any FUT promo, the minimum score to get a Walkout is 84 points.

FIFA 23: How to tell if it's Walkout!

How to recognize a Walkout? | FIFA 23: How to tell if it’s Walkout!

So how do you recognize a Walkout? In FIFA 23 the clearest and most obvious clue are the fireworks that are fired directly from the player’s score, even before his identity is clearly manifested. But be careful: the animations of the packets in this chapter are much faster than in the previous ones, so you will only have a handful of seconds to recognize the right signals.

A second clue that you can look for is the background that darkens for a few moments and the spotlights on the sides of the card that align in the direction of the screen. However, the latter two indications they also apply to cards whose scores vary between 83 and 85 points (the so-called Boards). In these cases, however, the fireworks we mentioned earlier don’t appear right above the score, but only on the sides of the screen. The Boards are undoubtedly useful, but not as much as the Walkouts and in fact the clues that make them similar can generate some frustration or disappointment in the player.

FIFA 23: How to tell if it's Walkout!

Good fun!

And this is all we can tell you about how to tell if it’s Walkout in FIFA 23. Let us know if we have been helpful below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the videogame and tech themed news, guides and reviews! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we advise you to take a look at the InstantGaming catalogue!