The Callisto Protocol: Performance issues and stuttering on PC

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It appears that The Callisto Protocol suffers from various performance and stuttering issues on PC. Let’s find out all the details in this news

Apparently the recent launch of the highly anticipated new horror opus by Striking Distance Studios it hasn’t been quite as rosy as expected. In fact, in these hours after the official launch, negative user reviews are multiplying on the well-known Steam platform, who complain of various stuttering and performance problems not up to expectations, as regards the PC version of The Callisto Protocol.

Stuttering and performance issues plague The Callisto Protocol on PC

“The Stuttering Protocol“, as someone sadly nicknamed the latest work of the father of Dead Space (by the way, if you are a fan of the series do not miss the interview with the composer of the music, Jason Graves), due to the problems of performances that undermine the PC version of the highly anticipated adventure set on Callisto’s dead moon. In fact, it seems that the title is afflicted by framerate drops and conspicuous image fluidity problems, according to the complaints of the players. Furthermore, according to what has emerged, it seems that even on computers with RTX 30 series GPUs and later (therefore high-end configurations that should fully meet the declared requirements), the problems mentioned remain evident.

The Callisto Protocol: Performance issues and stuttering on PC

All this has generated a shower of negative reviews on the well-known Valve platform, with many users who have even come to judge the experience as unplayable. This, combined with the fact that the title had already received mixed reviews from the worldwide press, has contributed to further divide the opinion of audiences and critics on Glen Schofield’s horror. We hope that the development team will be able to provide a corrective patch as soon as possible that will finally allow players to fully enjoy the incredible graphic quality of the title.

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