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FIFA: Peppe Ferraro leads Reply Totem to triumph in the eChampions League

The eSports Reply Totem team stands out on FIFA: Neapolitan Peppe Ferraro paints the London eChampions League blue

To take the place in the Olympus of “die meister, die besten, les grandes équipes” by FIFA it was one of our compatriots from Campania Pepe Ferrarowhich together with Santil11 has defeated no less than 62 other competitors for Reply Totem all’of the Champions League. This London event, held in groups, is also the most important competition on European soil for the EA sporting title. Specifically, the prize up for grabs amounts to well 280.000 euro overall. The challenge has now officially come to life, with the undoubted complicity of an ever-increasing awareness of the eSports phenomenon.

Reply Totems have no FIFA opponents: the eChampions League rewards Peppe Ferraro

It may not be Wembley stadium, but the one where Peppe Ferraro (below) scored astronomical goals is still an exceptional venue: none other than theHere East Theatre of the overseas capital, where on 18 and 19 February the European FIFA champions battled it out to triumph in the eChampions League. This, for the Neapolitan player, was the first professional lan event. With typically Mediterranean tenacity, the new champion showed character and an enviable style of play. The final score was a 4-1 on opponents such as Montaxer, his former teammate.

FIFA: Peppe Ferraro leads Reply Totem to triumph in the eChampions League

The young talent’s e-sports career began just two years ago, and in a short time the rising star has confirmed himself as one of the most promising players in the Electronic Arts football simulator. There was no shortage of comments, starting from the team itself. The CEO of Reply Totem, Fabio Cucciari, defined that of Peppe and Santil11 as “a fantastic journey”, despite the disappointment for “Antonio’s failure to qualify”. However, Cucciari is happy to continue a path in the competition with a champion who is the bearer of “great emotions”. The current goal is to assert oneself on 22nd and 23rd April to London, where the 8 finalists will be chosen for the last flight to Istanbul.

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