Figurama: Clare and Teresa’s Elite Bust arrive from Claymore

Figurama has officially announced the new Elite Bust of Clare and Teresa, inspired by the Claymore manga

After the first bust of the “Elite Bust” series (which we had the pleasure of reviewing) which portrayed Alucard from Hellsing Ultimate, Figures proposes its second and third product of the series. Inspired by the manga Claymore, after the Elite Exclusive statue that represented the clash between Tereva vs. Priscilla, the Japanese company presents the busts of Clare and Teresa.

Figurama: Clare and Teresa’s Elite Bust arrive from Claymore

  • Designed to complement the Exclusive Statue of Teresa vs. Priscilla Elite: colors, details and design are similar to the large exclusive statue! The pedestal is directly inspired by the base of the statue and includes easter eggs. Note the wings of the twin Dee, partial replicas of their blades, as well as the grotesque forms of Yoma’s transformation.
  • In 1/4 scale: higher details! Teresa and Clare sever stately figures with their Claymores protruding over their shoulders. The organization’s uniforms have a fabric-like pattern and feature ruin details, providing realism and reflecting the aftermath of many victorious battles.
  • Limited edition: Made of polystone, each piece comes with an official certificate of authenticity.
  • Part of a larger series: Clare and Teresa will not be the last busts in the Claymore Elite series and will have fantastic harmony alongside future releases.
  • Separate or together: Get Clare alone, Teresa, or both together for a discounted price through the bundle Twin Goddesses!

These Claymore Elite Bust Series Busts will be released in second quarter of 2022 to a priced at $ 225.00 each. In the meantime, you can put them on your wish list, so you can be notified when pre-orders open!

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