Eggtronic: E ^ 2 WATT wireless AC power supply presented

Eggtronic has recently introduced the new patented E ^ 2 WATT wireless AC power supply. This is a hybrid technology, let’s find out

Eggtronic, the technological leader in theelectronics power announced the technology of E ^ 2 WATT wireless AC hybrid power supply. The latter is capable of operating at the same time as an AC power supply unit and a high-power wireless transmission system. All this will ensure energy efficiency, energy transmission distance, with lower costs than traditional wireless technologies.

Peculiarities of the new technology

The normal traditional Qi wireless systems of the standard WPC I’m limited in terms of transmission distance and transmissible power. With this new technology it is possible to reach a distance up to six times greater (from 5 mm to 40 mm) and supplies up to 300W. Furthermore, Eggtronic’s new patented technology is powered directly from the AC mains without the need for external power supplies. Igor Spinella, CEO and founder of Eggtronic commented on the new patent as follows:

We have developed the entire E2WATT wireless platform, from concept to proprietary architecture and firmware, in order to overcome the limitations deriving from the use of standard AC power adapters and conventional Qi wireless chargers, multiplying the number of applications and areas of use of products based on Qi technology.

To echo Igor Spinella, too Gene Sheridan, CEO and co-founder of Navitas Semiconductor:

The breakthrough performance of E2WATT is also made possible by the high-speed gallium nitride (or GaN) semiconductor technology used in GaNFast power ICs. Eggtronic’s team identified the limitations of old and slow silicon chips with complex circuitry and many discrete components. GaNFast power ICs are building blocks of easy-to-use “digital-in, power-out” circuits, which allowed the Modena team of experts to focus on their proprietary, high-speed E2WATT topology and achieve a time-to – very quick market.

The power supply AC wireless E^2WATT allows new scenarios that were previously unthinkable. Several retail products based on this technology are currently being launched while Eggtronic is developing side by side consumer solutions, industrial and automotive for companies among the most important in the world.

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