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Fiido T1 Pro: the electric bike for every eventuality!

In this article we talk about Fiido T1 Pro, a truly versatile electric bike that can be the valid alternative to get married in the city in an ecological and sustainable way

Fiido T1 Pro is an electric bike launched in 2022 with top performance in its category, making it an alternative to a more traditional vehicle for multiple purposes. The T1 Pro can be used for outdoor recreation such as hunting and fishing trips or in the daily commute between work and accommodation, in the delivery of groceries, goods and food from one point to another, to go to take a child to school. Thanks to its versatility, it adapts to any type of terrain.

Fiido T1 Pro: the electric bike for every eventuality!

Fiido T1 Pro: an electric bike without limits

Fiido T1 Pro is a valid ecological alternative to traditional means of transport, which puts particular attention to comfort and relaxation. The extra-large saddle is one example. The suspension handlebars and solid fork of the long-travel front suspension, together with the 20″ x 4″ fat tires, ensure that even the roughest trails become comfortable.


960Wh large capacity battery can last up to 100 km in full electric mode or 150 km with pedal assistance. You can choose between 4 different levels of electric assistance. Cyclists can switch from foot-operated to fully electric drive. Together with its 750W motor, Fiido T1 Pro can help you reach any destination effortlessly carrying any accessory with you.

Fiido T1 Pro is equipped with monobloc wheels in magnesium alloy, which do not require periodic maintenance such as the replacement of the spokes, while remaining light. A steel support structure is installed within the frame to ensure that the T1 Pro is sturdy enough to tackle even rough and rugged terrain. It passed a vibration test of 300,000 cyclesequal to 3 times the standard test applied to electric bikes.

Fiido T1 Pro: the electric bike for every eventuality!

Furthermore, this electric bike is powered by a 48V brushless motor, which provides a peak output power of 1130 W and 750 W on a sustained basis with a torque of 66 Nm, reaching a maximum speed of 45 Kmh. The powerful engine, combined with the reinforced structure, offers an exceptional load capacity. T1 Pro can carry up to 120 kg for the rider and 80 kg for cargo or passenger.

To be able to face any eventuality, T1 Pro is waterproof and dustproof with IP54 rating for the whole bike, IP65 for the headlights and IP65 for the display. In other words, the bicycle helps you reach your destination in a short time, regardless of the terrain or weather conditions.

Fiido T1 Pro: the electric bike for every eventuality!

The most important thing is that Fiido T1 Pro is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes efficient and long-lasting, ensuring maximum stopping power and always keeping cyclists safe on their journeys. The wide LED headlights allow you to illuminate the road further, while the high-contrast LED display provides all the most important information at a glance and is readable even in direct sunlight.

In summary, the Fiido T1 Pro is an all-purpose e-bike with excellent performance and features. Compared to currently market leading models such as the Rad Runner, Fiido T1 is better in terms of battery, braking and maintenance thanks to the magnesium alloy monobloc wheels. Try it by purchasing it on the official website! That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!