Fiido Titan: the Fat Tire E-bike SUV that deals with safety and autonomy

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Fiido Titan is the crown jewel of the company’s Fat Tire e-bikes and also one of the highest quality products on the fat tire electric bicycle market: let’s discover it together in this dedicated article

In recent years, “fat tire” bikes have become popular in the e-bike market, prized for their high load capacity and stylish appearance. Many cyclists prefer this type of e-bike for its ability to carry extra equipment and luggage while traveling. Designed to handle heavy loads, these bikes are known for their sturdy construction, often with a total load capacity of over 150kg. Despite these advantages, some models on the market can cause safety problems due to standard braking systems.

Fiido Titan: the Fat Tire E-bike SUV that deals with safety and autonomy

Fiido Titan: from safety…

Fiido Titan understands the importance of cyclist safety and has therefore been designed with this fundamental aspect in mind. Fiido Titan uses a four-piston hydraulic disc brake system, paired with a 203*2.3mm wide and thickened brake disc, to significantly improve braking performance and provide greater stopping power. This improvement not only ensures greater safety, but also instills confidence in the rider during his riding adventures. It is worth mentioning that Fiido Titan has passed UL2849 certification, giving everyone confidence in safety.

Additionally, Fiido Titan adopts a one-piece wheel design, effectively reducing the risk of spoke breakage that adventurers may encounter when using traditional spoked wheels, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance. This integrated wheel design, combined with a reinforced frame, allows the Fiido Titan to supporting an impressive load capacity of 200kg. The extra-wide, seamlessly integrated rear rack not only accommodates a rear bag with a full range of camping equipment, but also gives the rider the flexibility to customize the trip with a host of additional accessories.

Fiido Titan: the Fat Tire E-bike SUV that deals with safety and autonomy

…to the power…

Fiido Titan is equipped with a torque sensor designed specifically for cargo e-bikes. It provides precise power based on the cyclist’s pedaling intensity, allowing a single battery to achieve a range of 135 kilometers in power-assist mode, a feat that many e-bikes using cadence sensors can’t match. Particularly noteworthy is Fiido’s understanding of the needs of long-distance travellers, which led to the introduction of a unique dual-battery rear rack. By combining three batteries, motorcyclists can enjoy a range of up to 400 kilometers, allowing them to carry all the necessary equipment and embark on their adventures with complete peace of mind.

Regarding structural innovation, the Titan does not require a key, as it can be easily unlocked and changed the battery through the app or an access code, eliminating the hassle of carrying keys with you. The exclusive IPS central console, located in the center of the handlebars, is Fiido Titan’s innovative proprietary technology. This IPS screen not only allows the cyclist to have a complete view of all riding parameters at a single glance, but thanks to the IP67 waterproof rating, it also ensures that the cyclist can ride safely on any route. The best display in these conditions, guarantees users easy control.

Fiido Titan: the Fat Tire E-bike SUV that deals with safety and autonomy

…to technology

A noteworthy detail is that TITAN features backlit buttons on both the display and the multifunction handlebar switches, which makes it easy to change settings when riding at night. There Button backlight is easier to usebut few brands have noticed and equipped it.

In terms of performance, Fiido Titan is equipped with a 750W motor, the integration of 3/5 mode Auxiliary Settings and a 9-speed derailleur, which can adapt to different riding scenarios. The combination of an adjustable 60mm lockable hydraulic shock absorber ensures a smooth and comfortable ride on all terrains. A key feature of Fiido Titan are four-piston hydraulic disc brakes, which meet the needs of fat bikes in terms of braking power and safety. With added conveniences like an auxiliary battery holder, easy-to-use IPS center console, sturdy frame and maintenance-free integrated wheels, the Fiido Titan offers cyclists a safe, reliable, versatile and durable electric fat bike. great value.

Fiido Titan: the Fat Tire E-bike SUV that deals with safety and autonomy

Main features


  • The four-piston hydraulic brakes, combined with thicker and larger discs (203×2.3 mm) make braking safer and more protected
  • One-piece wheel design that avoids periodic inspection and replacement of spokes
  • 3.26″*4″ fat tires, suitable for driving on all terrains such as sand, gravel, snow, etc…
  • UL 2849 certified
  • Technologies:

  • Fiido’s unique full color IPS central display, IP67 rated and backlit button for nights and humid weather.
  • Keyless battery lock via Fiido APP or passcode
  • The exclusive Fiido handlebar buttons allow you to access most functional settings directly from the handlebar
  • Fiido’s unique torque detection algorithm for cargo bikes
  • Performance:

  • 1,750W motor, 3/5 mode adjustable auxiliary settings
  • Maximum unlockable speed up to 45 km/h
  • The 9-speed gearbox and hydraulic shock absorbers instill confidence in every adventure scene
  • Unique battery holder supports a range of up to 400 kilometers (248 miles)
  • Structure:

  • Velo saddle custom designed for cargo bikes
  • Rear rack design integrated into the frame, with strong expandability of accessories
  • Technical specifications

    Below you will find the technical specifications of the Fiido Titan:

    • Model: Night Titan
    • Color: Grigio
    • Dimensions (length*width*height) in mm: 1850*710*1070
    • Tire size (inch): 26*4.0
    • Saddle height (mm): 810~1040
    • Seat tube (mm): 420
    • Top tube length: 627.5
    • lineup (mm): 658
    • Scope (mm): 420
    • Step (mm): 1150.3
    • Height of support (mm): 717
    • Weight (kg): 29.5
    • Maximum payload (kg): 200
    • Age of the pilot: 16+
    • The knight is tall: 155 cm (5,0′) – 200 cm (6,5′)
    • Frame material: Aluminum
    • Front shock absorber: Hydraulic with 60 mm stroke
    • Mode: Power assistance+accelerator+paddle
    • Motor: 750W Brushless toothed rear hub
    • PAS levels: 5
    • Preset maximum speed: 15,5 MPH (25km/h)
    • Maximum speed after unlocking: 28 MPH (45km/h)
    • Single battery range: 135km
    • Triple battery range: 400km
    • Gear ratio:42T:11-36T
    • Operating temperature: -10°C ~50°C
    • IP protection rating (entire bicycle): IP54
    • IP protection rating (display): IP67
    • Luci: Front + rear LED
    • Certificate: UL 2849

    And this is all there is to know about Fiido’s Titan e-bike, more information can be found directly on the official Fiido website! Stay tuned with us at