Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: but will this demo be there? It seems so

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The rumors that want to see a demo version of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth arrive are becoming more and more insistent and as the next State of Play approaches new rumors are boiling online: let’s discover the news together in this dedicated article

Those who followed the last State of Play live (here you can find our complete recap!) will have definitely noticed that between a Silent Hill 2 Remake and a Death Stranding 2, the flagship PlayStation 5 title of the month (and perhaps of the ‘year): Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Many were expecting a shadowdrop of a demo on the PlayStation Store, but that’s all that was announced is another event dedicated to the Square Enix title for next February 6th. On the occasion of this further State of Play, hopefully, the company will decide to release a free trial version of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and according to new rumors leaked online we also have some details.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: the demo is increasingly safe, here are new details

The PlayStation Game Size Kupo Charm: Survival Set. There should also be some kind of save transfer, so maybe this will be the prologue of the game.

The release of the demo by Square Enix wouldn’t be that strange, given that the company has always had the habit of having its games tested a few days before the official launch. We remind you that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, direct sequel to Remake (here is our review!) and second chapter of the new trilogy of the story of Cloud and company, will arrive exclusively for PlayStation 5 on February 29th. If you want to know more, we refer you to our compendium!

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