Final Fantasy Origin: Square Enix could announce a new Final Fantasy action at E3

According to some very insistent rumors, Square Enix could announce at E3 a new Final Fantasy action called Final Fantasy Origin

E3 is getting closer and closer and, as always happens in this period, online they begin to flock numerous rumors relating to announcements and presentations. Generally these rumors are not taken too seriously, but at the moment several sources are talking insistently about a possible new project. Square Enix. Specifically, it looks like the company might announce at E3 a new Final Fantasy action called Final Fantasy Origin.

Square Enix and Team Ninja together for a new Final Fantasy?

According to numerous rumors from Reddit and yes Resetera, Square Enix would be willing to announce a new Final Fantasy action during E3. Although the company has not yet expressed itself about it, from the rumors it is possible to discover several very interesting information on the game.

First of all, the title will be developed in collaboration with Team Ninja, the software house that has worked on titles such as Nioh e Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, and will be published in PS5 time exclusive and then also arrive on PC. Furthermore, the game will be based on a very similar structure to that of a soulslike and it will be set in the universe of the first Final Fantasy. As if that were not enough then it seems that it will be possible to try the game through a demo available already this summer.

As always when it comes to rumors it is important not to give too much weight to what you read around, but this time there may be a firmer foundation than usual. In fact recently Alex Donaldson, un noto editor di VG247, revealed that the conference of one of the big publishers who will participate in E3 it was completely leaked. If the company in question were to be Square Enix, then there is a good chance that the rumor proves to be more than reliable.

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