Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: Episode VI has been postponed

Final Fantasy VI remaster postponed: we will not see Terra, Celes, Setzer, Kefka and company in pixels before the new year

The last few months have seen Square-Enix release the episodes included in the project in stages Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, but the episode WE it’s taking longer than the others. We have in fact seen the chapters from the first to the third in July, and in the following months also the fourth and fifth. Since only the sixth numbered episode among the two-dimensional ones remains, one wonders how long it still takes. And, apparently, it is still a matter of a few months, which means that however the title will miss the 2021 window centered by all the other chapters seen so far.

Final Fantasy VI’s “pixel remaster” has a release date… more or less

By “a few months” we mean a couple, which sets the “Pixel Remaster” incarnation of Final Fantasy VI for next February. We don’t have a specific day, however, or at least not yet. According to Square-Enix, however, the reason could not be better: the publisher is in fact taking “the time necessary to polish the game in its latest development period” so that players can enjoy the “experience best possible “. That said, those who have already bought the game will also receive new items, including a real treat for lovers of Nobuo Uematsu’s work.

The elements in question, in addition to the backgrounds, in fact include a “Timelapse Remix”Of the soundtrack. This remix consists of a smooth transition from the original version of the songs to their rearranged counterparts. For the moment, all six chapters are planned for three platforms, namely PC (via Steam), iOS and Android. Square-Enix has maintained a predictable radio silence about the possibility of seeing these great and timeless classics on other platforms. However, the publisher has hinted that it wants to meet fan requests if the numbers have allowed it.

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