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Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: release date on Nintendo Switch and PS4

The return of the first six Final Fantasy is ahead of its time: the Nintendo Switch and PS4 versions of the Pixel Remasters arrive… this month!

Square-Enix has announced that the arrival of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster on consoles has a date, for all fans of the franchise waiting to revisit its origins on Nintendo Switch e PS4. The arrival, after the availability of the titles on PC, iOS and Android, is set in a couple of weeks. The “collection” (in quotation marks for reasons that we will explore better later) consists of sei remake, for the respective first chapters of the successful (and far from final) saga. Naturally, as well as returning to the beloved pixel art style (despite the sublime polygonal remakes of FF3 and FF4 on Nintendo DS), the titles also add several quality-of-life improvements.

Hand on chest for Final Fantasy theme: Six Pixel Remasters arrive on Nintendo Switch and PS4

With the trailer waiting for you below, there’s no point in delaying: Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is out on Nintendo Switch and PS4 Wednesday 19th April. I pre-orders are open on Nintendo eShop, and will soon also on PlayStation Store. The first six titles are sold both individually and in bundles. We checked the eShop for rates, and the original duology costs 12 euro for game. Prices then take off, fixing themselves at an altitude 18 from the third episode onwards. The Grande N marketplace reminds us that the total value of individual games is 96 euros, but the overall bundle stops at 75.

We are aware of the well-known (at times infamous) historic partnership with which Square-Enix has been winking at Sony users for years, but this re-release is no small record for Nintendo fans. It is in fact the first time that the saga, from the first to the tenth episode, is entirely usable on a single platform of the Kyoto Colossus, in this case the hybrid of wonders. Either way, lovers of the long-running series can expect the option to switch from soundtrack orchestrated to the original MIDIs. Also available is a new font for screen text, the option of disable random encounters and the possibility of increase the experience gained.

Now it’s up to you to have your say: will you make these timeless classics yours again? Let us know below, and as always, don’t forget to stay on tuttotek for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Kinguin.

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