Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: the chapters will be released in the summer

The latest fantasy in the last month of summer: here’s what Square-Enix missed on the release of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

Whether or not it is for the bizarre choice of skipping dedicated consoles, there is no doubt about the turmoil that surrounds it Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: what is known, albeit prematurely, is that the re-editions will arrive in estate. The games will come out staggered, in a brand new graphic design by Kazuko Shibuya, always pixel artist for the saga. The result will bring Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI to the platforms confirmed so far in a whole new guise. We will be able to see the final result in less time than we would have expected.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is released on a summer day

We talked about the summer, but we have not specified when exactly we will see Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster. The release, in the video incorrectly uploaded by Square-Enix before the removal, is scheduled for the month of July. The video in question was a look behind the scenes of the production of the saga, with all the expectations that this entails. Since nothing on the web can ever really be defined as lost, we also know of the guests of honor present in the presentation leaked by Square-Enix itself.

In fact, we allude to Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator and producer of the series, to the composer Nobuo Uematsu (which we’ll talk about soon) ea Yoshinori Kitase by Square-Enix. Kenichi Maeyamada and Chiaki Matsuzawa took steps to interview them on behalf of the publisher. The period in which the release on PC, Android and iOS is scheduled was finally confirmed as in the month of July; given the imminence, we would not rule out having news about it very soon.

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