Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: valutato per Nintendo Switch e PS4

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Apparently old-fashioned JRPG lovers are in for a nice surprise as Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is being evaluated for Nintendo Switch and PS4

After its announcement from 2021 the news about the releases of the various chapters of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster they certainly did not wait, but the sextet released in the late eighties and early nineties it seems that it was only available on PC and mobile. So far, let’s go and understand it a little better!

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: A return to the old fashioned way

Retrogaming lovers will certainly remember how the first six chapters of the famous saga, branded “only” Square at the time, made the rounds between consoles such as NES, SNES and the first PlayStation, transporting players into a world of magic and creatures never seen before . Here, Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster has therefore set itself the goal of bringing back that period by going to also include Nintendo Switch and PS4 users. in fact theESRB (i.e. the Entertainment Software Rating Board) has named the consoles just mentioned on its site, even though there are not a few who hope for an arrival also on Xbox.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: valutato per Nintendo Switch e PS4

Square Enix, for its part, however, has declared that this “precious sextet” it may come to other consoles if there is adequate demandtherefore we believe that they will be inundated with mail and requests, but for now you can play a game on it either on the mini consoles or, and fully, on PC, iOS e Android.

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