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Final Fantasy VII Remake: the sequel should arrive in June

If there is one title that all JRPG fans are eagerly awaiting, it is certainly the sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake which, according to Square Enix, should arrive in June.

In recent times there has been a bit of confusion within the many chapters of one of the most popular videogame sagas by fans of JRPG. If the XVI chapter is taking longer than expected e The First Soldier has landed on mobile, it seems that there are finally some good news for the sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remakebut let’s go ahead with some order!

Final Fantasy VII Remake: will arrive, word of Tetsuya Nomura

Since this year the 25th anniversary of the historic title falls appeared on the first PlayStation, and that was the “Game of discord” for the commercial relations between Square and Nintendo, what better time to reward the patience of the many players and fans?

Il sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake has been in the works for a couple of years now, here we leave you our more in-depth review of the first part, but let’s let her talk about it “protagonists”. We clearly don’t mean Cloud, Tifa and company, but you get it!

Final Fantasy VII Remake: the sequel should arrive in June

Yoshinori Kitase (producer) has in fact confirmed that this year is finally the best time to get it out, Naoki Hamaguchi (co director of the original game) was named as director for this sequel, but he is Tetsuya Nomura (among the fathers of Kingdom Hearts) to confirm that this sequel it will have a very different atmosphere from the previous chapter and will also present some new game mechanics.

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