Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker: the new expansion is available

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker: la nuova espansione è disponibile con tante novità thumbnail

Square Enix has officially released Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. The new expansion of the acclaimed MMORPG is enjoying incredible success and its release contributed to the achievement of the milestone of 25 million players register to the title. The new expansion brings to an end the story of Hydaelyn and Zodiark and invites the Warriors of Light to explore new areas of the game, also introducing many new gameplay innovations.

The Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker expansion is available

With Endwalker, the game is enriched with many new features. They are now available new jobs, like the Sage, a new type of healer, and the Reaper, a DPS melée armed with a two-handed scythe. There is also one new playable race, the male Viera. Also noteworthy is a increased level cap of professions and classes which will rise from 80 to 90.

I new content included in the expansion do not end there. There are, in fact, new game areas such as Thavnair, Garlemald and Mare Lamentorum, new Beast Tribe and additional additional content that enrich the gaming experience. To learn more about the 6.0 patch introduced with Endwalker, you can take a look at official blog.

The launch trailer

On the occasion of the release of the expansion, Square Enix has also released a new launch trailer dedicated to Endwalker which we report below. The trailer anticipates elements of the story and the various new content included.