Final Fantasy XIV, guide on how to beat Hydaelyn in Extreme | Part 2

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After completing the main story of Endwalker, we finally have access to all the content of the endgame of Final Fantasy XIV: among all the fights in which we can participate, we see in this guide how to beat Hydaelyn in his high-end trial

Let’s continue today to see how to beat Hydaelyn in his Trial Extreme (called “The Minstrel’s Ballad: Hydaelyn’s Call”): with the second and last part of this guide of Final Fantasy XIV, we are therefore preparing to analyze all the game mechanics of the second half of the bossfight, so as to help you in the completion of this difficult duty. For those who have not seen the first part, we invite you to start with that, so as to have a complete overview. We also remind you that all the images you will see in this article are screenshot taken from the point of view dell’off tank. That said, for those who have already had a taste of the first part, let’s go into this part 2 without further ado.

Fase 4: Lightwave #2

We broke up at the end of the first fase Lightwave, with an anticipation of what would happen next: immediately after completing the phase, in fact, Hydaelyn will immediately launch the attack, launching the same attack again. The mechanics will be the same as before: hide behind the crystals safe to avoid AOE caused by waves in contact with other crystals; the crystals will be though arranged differently, and therefore the party will consequently have to move differently. You will find a central crystal and 4 other crystals arranged in an “x” to the north-west, north-east, south-west and south-east, along with two external waves directed towards the arena.

But before thinking about the crystals and the waves, Hydaelyn will position himself north of the arena facing the center and throw Hero’s Gloryan AOE you should avoid by positioning yourself behind her. As soon as this attack is over, the whole party will have to head off to the central crystal. At this point, you will have to turn around to the central crystal to defend yourself from time to time from the waves that will touch one at a time, alternating, all the crystals on the sides (you will see that one of the two waves will in fact be ahead of the other, and based on this you will have to understand where to position yourself first and subsequently).

Final Fantasy XIV, guide on how to beat Hydaelyn in Extreme |  Part 2

After all this tight danceit won’t be over yet: There will be one last wave directed towards the central crystal, and then you will have to hurry to move. However, it will not be enough to hide behind any one: Hydaelyn will in fact get in one of the corners to launch Hero’s Glory again. It will then be your job to position yourself behind the crystal behind the bossto avoid both Hero’s Glory and the last AOE of the wave.

Finally finished this phase, there will be a small one transition phasecharacterized by attacks already seen come Halo, Shining Sabre, Change Weapon e Mousa’s Scorn (remember the tankbuster to share between the two tanks seen at the beginning of the fight?). The only new attack you will find will be Hero’s Sundering (launched after Halo), an unshared tankbuster that will have to be immediately only from the main tank (the attack touches a fairly large area in front of the boss, so the main tank will have to be careful to position itself in a separate area from the rest of the party). Therefore, once the Lightwave threat has been overcome, at least for now, other phases will follow with new attacks, before reaching the final part. So let’s proceed to the next paragraph of this guide on how to beat Hydaelyn in Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV, guide on how to beat Hydaelyn in Extreme |  Part 2

Stage 5: Orbs of Light and Chakram – Final Fantasy XIV: Guide on how to beat Hydaelyn

In this phase there will be some unique attacks, simple enough to understand but to which you will have to pay attention to avoid finding yourself in difficulty even later. When will it be launched Parhelionbe careful: they will be launched tre file di chakram one after the other on either side of the arena, generating easy-to-avoid AOEs. Once summoned, position yourself between the first and second summoned row: in the meantime Hydaelyn will throw Crystallize water, the effect of which will take effect later. Once positioned in the correct area, then divide into two subgroups (The first closest to the boss, the second furthest away. Wait for the next attack, that is Subparhelion, to be launched.

At this point, after the effects of Crystallize (which is why you had to split into two groups), the chakram rows will be thrown, one after the other, in a straight line, causing damage to the contact. After the first one has been launched, cross the arena (approaching the chakrams present on the other side on the other side) to avoid the other two. Those who are in the external subgroup may find it useful to use the sprintas the portion of the arena to be crossed quickly will be larger.

Final Fantasy XIV, guide on how to beat Hydaelyn in Extreme |  Part 2

As soon as this phase is over, do not fall into the temptation to throw yourself carelessly at the boss (as has happened many times to those who are writing the article): Hydaelyn in fact will not waste time throwing in Aureol/Lateral Aureole, so you will have to be careful where to position yourself. This is followed by, before getting to the next stage, a Change Weapon variable between all 3 seen so far and an attack Mago’s Radiance.

Hydaelyn will later launch Crystallize iceand then draw on the floor a series of green segments on the ground. Well, position yourself on the empty spaceswhere the segments do not pass and standing quite far from the ends: in fact, there they will be evoked shortly after spheres of light that will explode, generating a small AOE around them. As soon as the spheres have exploded, adjust your position so that you are as far away from each other as possible, because it will arrive very soon. the effect of Crystallize. After that, you have reached the end of the phase: in this moment of transition, immediately expect other standard attacks such as Aureole / Lateral Aureole, Radiant Halo (another raid-wide AOE) and a random Change Weapon, before arriving to the final part of the fight, perhaps the most frightening.

Final Fantasy XIV, guide on how to beat Hydaelyn in Extreme |  Part 2

Step 6: Lightwave # 3 and # 4 – Final Fantasy XIV: guide on how to beat Hydaelyn

In the last phase that we will see in this guide on how to beat Hydaelyn, the will be summoned again Lightwave, positioned differently than the first two waves. You will find 4, one on each “side” (ok that the arena is round, but a bit of mental elasticity come on), all directed towards the arena. There will not be no crystal to protect you, you will simply have to avoid them. To find the right area to head to, take a look at the waves – two of them will be closer together. Take those two as a reference and go towards the opposite corner (mental elasticity, I recommend). If you can’t figure out on the fly where to go, at worst observed where the rest of the team goes and follow it.

Avoid the waves, Hydaelyn will take care of putting you further in difficulty by launching Echoes: it will first summon one stack marker, so you will all have to group together to share the damage. But soon after, you will see that a shared tankbuster and, for everyone in the rest of the team, an area attack for which you will have to move away from each other. You will therefore have to be quick to position yourself correctly: according to one of the possible tactics, after the stack marker, the tanks stand still on site while the rest of the team is committed to getting as far away as possible.

Final Fantasy XIV, guide on how to beat Hydaelyn in Extreme |  Part 2

After this part, Hydaelyn will launch Lightwave again. The 4 new Lightwaves will pass from the outermost part of the arena, so it will be enough quickly head towards the center to avoid them all. Once in the center, don’t get distracted – Hydaelyn will throw right away a random Crystallize, followed by Shining Saber and a random Change Weapon. Be careful not to take damage from these attacks, because then the phase will repeat from the beginning, and, since you will have to take damage with stack markers, have one or more stacks of Vulnerability Up it can become a big problem.

Once done two turns of this last phase, if you have caused an adequate amount of damage throughout the fight and have made good use of the Limit Break, you should be on the verge of finally killing the boss. If not, hurry to conclude as soon as possible: after a while Hydaelyn will prepare to launch a ultimo AOE raid-widewhich if it is successful will have the only outcome the death of the whole party. But if you haven’t lost too much during the fight, you shouldn’t have this problem.

Final Fantasy XIV, guide on how to beat Hydaelyn in Extreme |  Part 2


If you have come this far, at this point you will have realized how much a Trial Extreme di endgame makes a difference to the standard dungeons and trials you find throughout the adventure. In particular, doing these trials can pay off great rewards in the long run: with regards to Hydaelyn in particular, in addition to his own mount speciale which can be found as loot (and in this case you will have to hope that it will be assigned to you), you will also get totems that can be exchanged in blocks of 10 to get some special weapons of item level 580. These are not the strongest weapons in the game, but they sure are important and from a aesthetic point of view they are great for those who like to dress up their character well.

At the end of this guide on how to beat Hydaelyn in Extreme on Final Fantasy XIV, you can read our Endwalker review here if you want more articles on the game. We also invite you to stay tuned on the pages for daily updates on all the most important news in the gaming world. If you prefer to buy game keys at discounted prices, you can do so through our link to Instant Gaming.