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What are the best apps for playing virtual betting?

What are virtual bets in detail? In other words, it is a question of betting directly on simulated sporting events, the result of which is determined randomly by a software.

The new frontier of online gambling is certainly represented by virtual bets. Already known to fans of the genre, these have become very popular and successful during the Covid-19 pandemic, when even world-wide sport inevitably had to stop. And so, in the absence of real events, the bets on virtual sports have taken over. But what are virtual bets in detail? Simply put, it involves betting directly on simulated sporting events, the result of which is determined randomly by RNG software (a computer generator of pseudo-random numbers). And the progress of which can be watched directly in live streaming with 3D animations.

the virtual betswith which you can bet using the usual welcome bonus of betting sitesrefer to simulated sporting events of football, horse and greyhound racing, engines, tennis and basketball games, all in rapid succession, with a fast pace and a decidedly limited duration. To give some examples, football matches last a few minutes, with real highlights of the challenge. With the next game starting about 5 minutes after the previous one ends. In order to place the new bets. While horse and dog races can generally last between 40 and 90 seconds. Being able to immediately bet on excessive ones, approximately 2/3 minutes later, with constantly changing odds. But what are the best App to play Virtual Betting?

Virtual football, greyhound and horse racing: there is something for everyone!

The first we want to mention is definitely theVirtual Apps of Goldbet. With this, the user can bet comfortably from home or on the move via their iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Thanks to this Virtual betting apps every day you can make your own predictions on various online disciplines. If you love football, you can have fun with it Goldbet League for example, for a real football championship. The football match is divided into 7 distinct game actions, during which up to a total of 7 goals can be scored, randomly divided between the first and the second half. Fans of horse racing and dog racing events can opt for the Goldbet Racing. Inside there are two variants. For dogs there GoldBet Racing-Levrieridisplayed through 3D animations, and for horse racing GoldBet Racing-Galoppowith horse racing displayed in pre-recorded video format.

Below we recommend theSNAI App, with virtual sports available on the website and mobile app for both iOS and Android. The various virtual disciplines are perfectly recognizable as they have a different color icon than the real LIVE sports disciplines but also a small V in the lower left corner. Furthermore, for each virtual sport it is indicated how much time is left until the next event. Finally, by clicking on the streaming of the event, you can follow the live result in full screen. We also report as very beautiful and intuitive Virtual App of Eurobet and Planetwin365with the latter portal offering the largest number of virtual football betting markets.