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Final Fantasy XIV Online: The contents of “The Dark Throne” patch 6.4 revealed

Final Fantasy XIV Online patch 6.4 will introduce “The Dark Throne” content. Everything was presented with a trailer released a few hours ago by Square Enix

A few hours ago, Square Enix, during a new episode of the Letter from the Producer LIVE broadcast, announced that FINAL FANTASY XIV Online patch 6.4, titled “The Dark Throne”, will be released on Tuesday, May 23, 2023. The date was announced in a new trailer presented by the director and producer of the game, Naoki Yoshida, who also showed what will come with the new patch: main story missions, a new raid dungeon, new Trials and more. Other 6.4 updates were also shared, including updates to PvP Crystalline Conflict and Frontline, various changes to the Island Sanctuary, including the ability to place furniture outside, and a preview of upcoming Variant dungeons and Criterion, which will be released separately with patch 6.45. Here is the trailer:

Final Fantasy XIV Online: ‘The Dark Throne’ Coming soon, all the details

Below you can find more information about the contents of the patch 6.4:

  • New main missions: the new chapter in the history of the Warrior of Light;
  • A new raid dungeon (Pandæmonium: Anabaseios): The final chapter in the Pandæmonium raid series;
  • A new dungeon: New quests await you in The Aetherfont;
  • New trial (The Voidcast Dais): a new, exciting battle against Golbez on both Normal and Extreme difficulties;
  • New Trial Unreal: Face the mighty Zurvan in Containment Bay Z1T9 (Unreal);
  • New side missions: the continuation of Tataru’s Grand Endeavor;
  • Update to the Duty Support system: support for various dungeons from the main story of Stormblood (The Sirensong Sea, Bardam’s Mettle, Doma Castle, Castrum Abania and Ala Mhigo), so you can complete them together with a group of allied NPCs;
  • Aggiornamento all’Ocean Fishing: Explore a new road to Kugane;
  • Updates for the Island Sanctuary: new ranks and items to obtain, buildable areas, craftable items, crops, animals, the possibility of placing furniture outside near structures and more.

PvP Content Updates:

  • Crystalline Conflict: Series 4 of PvP begins together with Season 7 of Crystalline Conflict;
  • Frontline: we changed the rules of The Fields of Glory (Shatter) and added a new optional UI element to show the score and the remaining time;

Miscellaneous Updates: Including a new Allagan Tomestone coin, the addition of profession icons to chat and player names, the ability to glamorize Scholar fairies, various general improvements, and more. Yoshida also shared some additional details about patch 6.45:

  • Updates to the Blue Mage: level cap increased to 80, new exclusive pieces of equipment, new enemies to face and more;
  • New Variant dungeon (Mount Rokkon): A new dungeon of variable difficulty designed for 1-4 players, with the difficulty of the enemies changing according to the size of the party.
  • New Criterion dungeon (Mount Rokkon): A four-player high difficulty content with an area that visually resembles the Variant dungeon, but with a well-defined road. Criterion dungeons will include two difficulty options, “Criterion” and “Criterion (Savage)”, each with its own specific rules and characteristics.
  • Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures;
  • Manderville Weapon upgrade missions;
  • Splendorous Tools improvement missions.

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