Final Fantasy XVI: versione demo in arrivo prima del lancio

Final Fantasy XVI: main story length revealed!

The total duration of the Final Fantasy XVI main quest has been revealed with an interview given by Hiroshi Takai. Here are all the details

Although a release date for the new chapter signed by Square Enix has not yet been formalized, news about Final Fantasy XVI continues to leak. After the interview released by producer Naoki Yoshida on the, it is the turn of Hiroshi Takai who revealed the duration total of the main quest of Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy XVI: the duration of the main quest is about 40 hours

There will certainly be the possibility of being able to continue the exploration after the completion of the main quest, which according to Takai would wander from 35 to 40. While the entire chapter of Final Fantasy XVI will have an estimated duration of 70 ore approximately. In addition, there will be the possibility of replaying through the New Game Plus mode with a high difficulty, thus allowing the gamer to test their skills by facing much more hostile enemies; as Takai stated:

The truth is that during the campaign, there will be a lot of optional content that you can also explore during the first game. Everything can be explored even before completing the game. We have also added a lot of content for lovers of difficult challenges.

Final Fantasy XVI: main story length revealed!

Of course, the duration of a video game is always subjective since it depends on several factors, including the gamer’s desire to explore the secondary aspects of the title itself or how much he wants to deepen the main story. It is certain that 70 hours to fully complete a game at the 100% it seems to be a fair time. What do you think about it? Did you believe that Square Enix’s new title should be longer lasting? Are you going to explore the various maps or will you aim for the completion of the main story?

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