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Final Fantasy XVI: The Game was supposed to come out on two discs

The producer of Final Fantasy XVI has declared that the game in question will not be released in two discs but in a single one. Here are all the details

It’s no secret that games are becoming increasingly ambitious, especially as triple-A developers fill their productions with content and visual fidelity. Some games, like the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, will be distributed on two discs for PS5. Square Enix is ​​not new to “huge” titles and it seemed that Final Fantasy XVI was following the same path, namely that of the two discs in the box. Yet, based on the latest statements from the game’s producer, it seems that the latter will be made available on a single disc. Let’s see all the details about it in the next few lines of this article.

Final Fantasy XVI: The Game was supposed to come out on two discs

During the Pre-Launch Celebration livestream, the producer of Final Fantasy XVI, Naoki Yoshidaconfirmed that the initial plan was to store the game on two discs separated. However, the team found a way to fit everything into one disc about six months before release, thus avoiding an increase in production costs (not to mention the problems that could arise from premature mastering).

That’s no mean feat, especially considering the scale of Final Fantasy XVI. Director Hiroshi Takai revealed that the main story takes 35 to 40 hours to complete but, with optional content, Square Enix’s latest effort can take approx 70 ore. Also, will be available the New Game Plus and the optional difficulty such as the Final Fantasy modewhere enemy types and layouts are changed, resulting in a different and more challenging experience. Final Fantasy XVI will launch on June 22nd and it is confirmed that it will have a patch on day one.

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