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Final Ozark review: does the conclusion live up to the series?

Here is our review of the Ozark finale, the series starring Jason Bateman: will the conclusion be up to par? Let’s find out

TITLE: Ozark. GENRE: thriller, dramatic. NATION: USA. REGIA: Amanda Marsalis, Melissa Hickey, Laura Linney, Jason Bateman. CAST: Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, Julia Garner, Skylar Gartner, Sofia Hublitz, Felix Solis, Jessica Frances Dukes, Katrina Lenk. time: 7 episodes, 51-80 minutes. PRODUCTION: MRC Television. ITALIAN DISTRIBUTION: Netflix. EXIT: April 29, 2022.

Last April 29 Netflix has spread the second part of the fourth and final season of Ozark. The series debuted in 2017 on the popular streaming site, and thanks to asexceptional dining and the fantastic proof of the castis confirmed as one of the best television products in recent years. Will the latest episodes do justice to a series that has received over 100 award nominations? Let’s find out together in the review of the Ozark ending, starting from the trailer.

Where were we? | Final Ozark review

The fourth season (here a recap of the first 7 episodes) saw the introduction of some decisive characters for the plot of Ozark. The first of these is Javi Elizondro (Alfonso Herrera), the ambitious nephew of Omar Navarro (Felix Solis), who decides to follow the work of the Byrdes very closely. Then we have the private investigator Mel Sattem (Adam Rothenberg), former policeman interested in the disappearance of Ben and the mystery that surrounds the protagonist family. Finally we have Clare Shaw (Katrina Lenk), interested in buying the cartel’s heroin for pharmaceutical purposes. Marty and Wendy (Jason Bateman e Laura Linney) see the finish line and the end of their nightmare but still have to deal with their long-time enemies. Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery) is still making and distributing heroin and is helped by Ruth (Julia Garner), who bought the local motel, the Lazy-O. This situation does not please Javi, who decides to eliminate Darlene and her new husband Wyatt (Charlie Tahan), cousin of Ruth. This fact infuriates the latter that, without thinking twice, she sets off in pursuit of the killer. Javi’s death would spell big trouble for the Byrdes, who need an agreement between him and Clare Shaw to secure their freedom.

Journey to oblivion | Final Ozark review

Ozark is one of the best series of recent years, if not ever. The path that its protagonists follow from beginning to end is intricate, upsetting and leaves many times with bated breath. But above all it is coherent. The arrival in the Ozark by the Byrde was only for many misfortune. The Snells, one of the most prominent families in the county, were swept away together with their business; the Langmore, although they already had nothing, have lost even the people who were part of the family, leaving Ruth practically alone. The Byrdes, meanwhile, they spread like a virus, expanding their horizons of conquest, always repeating “this is the last time”, “another 6 months and we will be free”, “only this other dead and we will be free”. Only that it was never the last time, it was never only 6 months and it was never just another dead.


In the season finale, Marty is forced to take on the role of Omar Navarro in Mexico for a few days and here his narrative arc takes place. He is forced to do to others what he himself went through in season three, torturing his underlings and ending up killing them. Violence now flows into him, just as hatred and ambition flow into Wendy. Their path, as well as that of Ruth Langmore, albeit with various deviations, has remained consistent and descending towards disgrace.

Final Ozark review: does the conclusion live up to the series?

“You don’t get to win” | Review finale Ozark

What Ozark taught us is that everything you sow will be returned to you. All players less wise than others they fell sooner or later. The Snells have collapsed under the weight of unconsciousness of their decisions and Darlene’s insanity. The Langmores fell for their bad instinct, as well as their curse. The Byrdes did not fall. For what they did, Marty and Wendy deserve to suffer twice as much as they saw the Ozarkers go through. Their cunning, their nerve, and their instincts to survive kept them afloat and led them to sacrifice everything, except their family. Almost. Ben’s death in the third season it was undoubtedly the pinnacle of the series, in an episode that from every point of view was perfect. Not surprisingly, this happening is the engine of much of the fourth season. It is precisely their guilt of this crime that is the ultimate, real difficulty that they must overcome in order to obtain the coveted freedom. Many over the course of the series repeat to the Byrdes “you don’t get to win” and they are right.


But as it turned out, they got to win.

Final Ozark review: does the conclusion live up to the series?


Ozark manages to give surprises even in his ending. For most of the last 7 episodes we do not know which way our protagonists can go and the conclusion is the proof. The thrill pervades every corner of the serieseven places that until now had appeared as harmless. One of the few flaws is perhaps the excessive reference to the past, even if you can always expect it from a series finale. The final episode follows the path of the others and seems ready to give us a “predictable” conclusion, and then redeem itself with an unexpected turn of the tail who, instead of messing up the cards, rearranges them in the deck. A series like Ozark cannot end with maybe or but, it must end with a twist, as every season finale has accustomed us to. The film script therefore confirms the queen of this series, without forgetting the excellent direction (in particular Jason Bateman, author of the last episode, and Laura Linney herself, director of the 11th episode). Ozark is confirmed one of the best thriller series everwith a script that takes the best from the best of recent years and shapes it a story of violence and crime, but also of family and betrayal. In addition, she has two other great merits: having given us as a gift some of the most iconic TV characters ever and most importantly, have a final that can, for once, make everyone agree.

And you, what do you think of our review of the Ozark ending? Were you satisfied? Let us know in the comments!

Points in favor

  • The ending is consistent
  • There is no shortage of surprises for all the characters
  • The script remains of the highest standard

Points against

  • A few too many references to the past of the series

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