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Land Shark: the trailer for the Chinese shark movie

Here comes a new film dedicated to sharks: the Chinese monster movie Land Shark. Let’s go see the trailer for the film.

Here comes a new chapter in the cinematic treatment of sharks, one of the most loved subjects by cinema dedicated to monster movies. Land Shark is the Chinese proposal to the genre, a film that exacerbates a trend that already in recent years, with the Sharknado saga, has gone far beyond the limits of verisimility. Land Shark brings the monstrous shark to survive even out of water, sowing panic even on land as well as in the blue marine expanses: let’s find out the details of the film.

Land Shark: the trailer of the film

The trailer for Land Shark takes us to learn more about the new film directed by the Chinese director Cheng Si-Yu. The film has also earned American distribution, attracting a lot of curiosity because of the peculiar characteristics it offers. In fact, the shark is taken out of its natural habitat, it is no longer a marine threat, but becomes a real war machine conceived by some scientists who then abandon the creature to itself.

This one, therefore, as in the most classic of monster movies, begins to reap victims and sow havoc thanks to its incredible gift of being able to survive even out of water. A new chapter is added to the genre of films with sharks, a sub-genre that has a great benchmark, which is obviously Steven Spielberg’s The Shark, and which then developed without even touching the quality of that illustrious precedent.

After the Sharknado saga and other scattered projects such as Paradise Beach with Blake Lively and Shark – The first shark with Jason Statham, comes from China Land Shark. Here, then, below is the trailer of the new monster movie about sharks directed by Cheng Si-Yu.

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