Firefox doesn’t work: here’s how to fix

Firefox non funziona: ecco come risolvere thumbnail

Since today, 13 January, the hashtag #FirefoxDown due to a sudden Firefox malfunction. The popular browser fails to load web pages. However, this is not a connection problem as using any other browser access to the Internet occurs normally. The problem is encountered by versions Windows, Mac e Linux del browser but it can be fixed.

How to fix the Firefox problem

To provide a quick fix to the Firefox problem that is causing the hashtag to spread #FirefoxDown it was developer Velu Erwan who provided a quick fix directly via his Twitter profile. To restore the correct functioning of the browser, in fact, it is necessary to access the Advanced Firefox Settings typing about: config in the address bar. At this point we need to locate the string network.http.http3.enabled and set it to false to solve the problem. After completing the operation, you need to close Firefox and restart it.

The cause of the problem

The problem should be protocol related HTTP3 which, in this way, is disabled. The disabling is of little relevance as it is a protocol that is still little used. While waiting for the Firefox team to release a new update, with an official fix, this system eliminates the problem that causes the browser to malfunction. Further details regarding this browser malfunction causing the inability to navigate could arrive in the next few hours. In the meantime, the fix should be enough to buffer the problem.