Pokémon Arceus legends: many new features in the extended gameplay trailer

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A little while ago Nintendo’s YouTube channel released an extended gameplay trailer of Arceus Pokémon Legends, the new spin off of the pocket monsters franchise that will see us explore Hisui, the ancient version of the region currently known as Sinnoh. There is a lot of information shared by Nintendo, so let’s take a look at them in detail.

Pokémon Arceus legends: here is the extended gameplay trailer

The gameplay trailer begins with a recap of the information that had already been published in the past few months, showing some of the game’s settings and explaining that we are in ancient Sinnoh. A small focus on the crafting, central mechanic of the title, which will allow us to create resources at our base camp, such as Pokéballs, using materials found on the field.

The video also allows us to take a look at the Wild Pokémon that we will meet in the adventure, which will appear based on the atmospheric conditions of the case and which will have a different nature depending on the species to which they belong. THE Bidoof, for example, they will ignore us, while the Starly they will immediately try to escape. Still others like the Shinx instead they will attack us.

When the latter type of Pokémon notices our presence it will enter state of alert and it will be impossible to capture him without first facing him in battle. To avoid this instance it will be possible to distract the creatures by throwing a berry, and then catch them while they are busy eating.

If we take too much damage from an aggressive Pokémon without entering battle instead we will have to leave from the nearest base camp. Our goal in the game in every way is to study every single Pokémon in the region, not only by catching it but also by observing certain behaviors. Once these requirements are met we will have to go back to Professor Laventon who will update the Pokédex from time to time.

Progression and battles

As for the game progression instead, this is based on Missions, which will carry on from time to time the main plot of the title, probably also unlocking the various new biomes to explore as a result. Alongside the missions there are also requests, or secondary missions that will allow us to get our hands on extra resources once completed.

The example given in the trailer is dangerously reminiscent of the much hated fetch quest typical of old-fashioned JRPGs, the hope is that in the full game these can offer a much wider breath to the player, perhaps even deepening some narrative ideas.

As for the battles, these can be started by throwing the Pokéball containing one of our Pokémon against the opposing Pokémon and are structured in turns. Also, it will be possible to use two different styles, that one Power and that Quick: with the first our attacks will be stronger but slow, in the second they will be fast (so potentially we will be able to do more than one in turn) but less powerful.

To complete the gameplay picture there are i Pokémon Alfa e i Pokémon Regali. The Alphas are nothing but particularly strong specimens of a certain species, very difficult to keep at bay, but also quite strong if captured; the Gifts instead are real bossfights, in all likelihood linked to the main plot of the title.

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