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Fitbit Inspire 3, the review of the new wearable

The wearable market, which until a few years ago was a very small niche, has grown bigger and bigger. The offer is huge, crossing different price ranges and features available. All this blurs the boundaries between the various products, especially when it comes to smartband e smartwatch. Il Fitbit Inspire 3 that we have tried in recent days and of which you are preparing to read the review plays on this limit, giving great surprises.

Fitbit Inspire 3, the review starts from the design

The eye also wants its part and when we face a new product the first thing that strikes us right out of the box is definitely the visual impact. If at the level of use we are halfway between smartwatch and smartband, from the point of view of design we are undoubtedly on the latter. One long and thin screenaccompanied by a rubberized (basic) strap.

It is a design undoubtedly sportywhich is geared towards a market of users interested in using the Fitbit Inspire 3 to track their own physical activity. The display itself is rather small compared to the body, but it works very well. Particularly appreciable the choice to insert two touch areas on the side, to facilitate navigation without affecting the slim design with wheels or the like. Worn is extraordinarily lightso much so that you practically don’t feel it on your wrist.

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If you are interested in using it even outside your training sessions, there are a few customization options that can help. A black or steel strap definitely makes it more elegant compared to the yellow we used in the test. Alternatively, the dial can be detached and worn as a clip, opening up new avenues of use.

Always remaining on the design (e only about this as we’ll see), the charger did not convince us. The coupling is not magnetic but clip and therefore requires a slight pressure that makes us fear a bit for the long term. In particular then the included cable is very short (About 25 cm) making it uncomfortable for sockets other than those of the bedside table or the like.

But let’s move on to the field test …

For the review of this Fitbit Inspire 3 we really worked hard, testing it in different conditions and in their own ways extreme. We tried it in the daily office lifein the moderated sessions of workout routinebut also in a intense mountain trekking and especially on the battlefield of Lucca Comics & Games 2022. And it must be admitted that he did very well.

The tracking of our movements and steps went smoothly, perfectly scoring all performances. All without the need for special interventions on our part, but automatically recording the start of motor activity. The function Minutes in Active Zone in particular it was really comfortable, thanks to which the Fitbit Inspire 3 keeps track of our training moments, more or less intense, continually pushing us to overcome our limits.

fitbit inspire 3 review 02How is Lucca Comics & Games? Like this.

The matched application is then extraordinarily comfortable. Super-intuitive and clear, it offers us the possibility to consult all our data immediately, synchronizing in a few seconds with the device and always remaining well integrated into the Google system. Of the various companion apps of this genre that we have tested it is definitely one of the most functional and complete.

Particularly appreciable is the whole playful component of gamification motor activity. In fact, we receive, both on the Fitbit Inspire 3, and as a notification on the smartphone a whole series of awards and badges to achieve the objectives. A small but extremely accurate detail that makes it even more fun to challenge yourself to reach the limits. When, despite the kilometers traveled up to that point, it makes you think to take a thousand more steps because the next goal is close, it means it really works.

The Fitbit Inspire 3 review can’t ignore the battery

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What a putting like this it might seem that we are going to say that from this point of view the device has disappointed us. But no, quite the opposite. We remained exceptionally impressed by the power of the battery of this device, which really looks like never run outdespite all the effort we have put into downloading it.

The official promise, from the card, is 10 days in abundance with a full charge. The truth is, they are definitely more, settling about sui 15 from our experience. Such a durable battery also allows you to really take advantage of the depletion warnings: once the percentage starts towards zero we will have plenty of time to finish our day, go home and recharge, without risking that he will abandon us while we are operational.

A duration of this level is very close to that optimal, because it crosses the boundary of the recurring check. We know that we always have enough energy and every now and then we will have to put it back in charge for a few minutes, to be able to then quietly forget.

Probably to favor this duration is also the possibility of do not keep the screen active at any time, which allows you to save energy on the device. However, the choice of connect the re-ignition to the movement of the wrist itself makes everything extraordinarily natural and functional. Checking the time on the fly to see how late we are for the next appointment while we have our hands full of bags of comics and board games in the streets of Lucca was very comfortable with this Fitbit Inspire 3.

The Fitbit Inspire 3 is passed with flying colors in this review

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In short, beyond some design choices (which remain subjective and which can be remedied in some ways) our Fitbit Inspire 3 review can only be positive. A tool that has absolutely bewitched us, offering exactly what we want from such a device. If you are looking for a quality product and you have the option to go for this one price rangeit’s definitely a great choice.


  • Lightweight and slim
  • Never a hitch in the recording of sleep and physical activity
  • Minutes in Active Zone recorded automatically
  • Very useful companion app
  • Inexhaustible battery


  • All too sporty (but customizable) design
  • Charger with short cable and not very comfortable hook
  • Sustained price
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