YouTube celebrates 80 million subscribers to Music and Premium services

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It is difficult to think of competing with giants like Spotify e Apple Music, especially after the latter introduced high-quality lossless audio listening. Nevertheless Google continue to shorten distances, with YouTube Music e YouTube Premium they have achieved well 80 million subscribers in 2022. This is a growth of 30 million paying users compared to 50 million in 2021. The announcement of the milestone comes directly from the Mountain View company, with a post on the official YouTube blog signed by Lyor CohenGlobal Head of Music di Google.

We remember that YouTube Premium – available at the price of 11,99€ per month – allows viewing of ad-free video and also includes the YouTube Music catalog, with song download and background playback and Picture-in-Picture (PiP) support. YouTube Music – sold to 9,99€ per month for the single plan – offers similar benefits but only for playing music content.

Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube: Who has the most subscribers?

While 80 million subscribers may seem like a mammoth number to us, the streaming market is much larger. Just think that YouTube subscribers are only a third of Netflix’swhich matters well 223 million paying users.

Compared to music streaming, however, the Swedish giant Spotify has 433 million total users (of which 188 million paid). In second place in this special ranking we find Apple Musicwith a figure that fluctuates between 85 and 90 million subscribers.

In a recent TechPrincess survey, we compared the main platforms for music streaming. From the analyzed data we have established that the best service for listening to music is currently Tidal, which offers the best audio quality at the expense of a much higher than average price. At this link you will find our dedicated article.

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