Fitbit Luxe: design and functionality for the ultimate tracker

Fitbit Luxe is the company’s new tracker: elegant, modern, comfortable and versatile design, which can be combined with a wide range of accessories including the new straps signed by the Gorjana jewelery brand

Fitbit today unveiled Fitbit Luxe, a new stylish tracker for fitness and wellness designed to help you lead a healthier life and to focus on your holistic wellbeing. Luxe represents a real ally that motivates and offers the support you may need to take care of your health, including stress management tools and functions for automatic sleep and activity tracking: all in a modern and versatile looking tracker. In addition, Luxe offers personalized data and advice on your well-being through the “Health Metrics” panel available on the Fitbit app, which helps identify changes that may be caused by stress or fatigue.

With Luxe, you can also get one Fitbit Premium 6-month free trial which allows you to have access to a more in-depth analysis of your data. Luxe is a modern and versatile tracker, equipped with a color touch-screen display and a battery life of up to 5 days, suitable for any occasion and comfortable to wear day and night.

Over the past year, we’ve had to think differently about our health and well-being, from monitoring possible COVID-19 symptoms to managing the stress and anxiety that characterize our everyday life. While we are starting to see changes that inspire us with hope, it has never been more important to take care of our holistic health.That’s why we have redoubled our efforts to introduce innovative tools and advanced data to support our users in managing psychophysical wellbeing. We’ve made great technological advances with Luxe, creating a smaller, thinner, beautifully designed tracker with advanced features – some of which were previously only available on our smartwatches – to bring these tools to even more people around the world.

James Park, VP, general manager and co-founder of Fitbit

Fitbit Luxe: design and functionality for the ultimate tracker

Understanding and managing stress to live a healthier life

After the pandemic began, a survey confirmed that 50% of people felt the physical and mental effects of stress. With Luxe, Fitbit is now making its important management tools available to millions of users around the world, bringing them to trackers for the first time. Now available on Luxe and all Fitbit heart rate devices, the Stress Management Score designed by Fitbit, it offers a daily assessment that helps you understand how your body reacts to stress based on activity levels, sleep patterns and heart rate.

In addition, with Fitbit Premium, you can access a detailed analysis of your Stress Management Score, which includes information on your effort, sleep trends and responsiveness. Premium members also have access to a variety of workouts and approximately 200 relaxation sessions to manage stress of popular brands such as Aaptiv, Aura, Breethe and Ten Percent Happier. The Mindful Method by Deepak Chopra, an exclusive collection of wellness content created and curated for Premium members with over 30 sessions that make relaxation practice even more accessible for all. Fitbit is introducing 4 new Mindful Method sessions, aimed at bringing the power of awareness to many real-life situations.

I share Fitbit’s belief that relaxation and mental well-being are an important part of our holistic health – by better managing emotional well-being, you can experience a positive and lasting impact on overall health, including more restful sleep, better mood. and more meaningful personal relationships. For example, I regularly see my heart rate drop after completing a relaxation session and, over time, trends in heart rate variability have also improved. The Mindful Method allows you to follow a regular relaxation practice in an easy and accessible way – no matter if you are taking the first steps in this field or if you want to take your practice to the next level.

Deepak Chopra, Doctor, Pioneer of Integrative Medicine, and founder of The Chopra Foundation and Chopra Global

Fitbit Luxe: design and functionality for the ultimate tracker
Fitbit Luxe: advanced tools to help understand and manage well-being and fitness

Fitbit Luxe gives you access to the wide range of Fitbit health and fitness features designed to support your holistic approach to a healthier life. In particular, the Health Metrics panel allows you to track changes in your state of well-being on the Fitbit app with data that use the breath frequency, the heart rate variability (HRV), the heart rate at rest (RHR), the skin temperature and, soon, the oxygen saturation (SpO2). For example, by analyzing daily changes in HRV and RHR metrics, it is possible to see when there is a sudden change in the body, which can be a sign of stress, fatigue or even a cold. Additionally, Premium allows you to track monthly trends and personal intervals, and shows when any of the metrics are out of range.

Thanks to its lightweight and slim design, Luxe is designed to be comfortably worn all day and overnight, to record and track sleep trends. Sleep Score helps you better understand your sleep quality over time, and bedtime reminders can help you develop a more regular sleep routine. Premium members can also view more in-depth analytics, and some users will get early access to even more advanced features that will be rolled out at scale in the future, with the aim of offering even more personalized and trend-based sleep recommendations.

But that’s not all: the additional wellness tools include the recording of foods eaten, hydration level and weight, as well as monitoring female health. And Premium members get access to over 60 new nutritional content including healthy recipes curated by Fitbit and Eating Well magazine. Plus, the new blood glucose logging feature in the Fitbit app (currently only available in the US) allows you to track your blood glucose levels to track how they vary throughout the day.

Fitbit Luxe: design and functionality for the ultimate tracker

Fitbit Luxe: Find the motivation to reach your fitness goals

Physical activity is a vital aspect of health, but the COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly changed it training habits for many people. With continuous heart rate tracking – which features many of Fitbit’s health, wellness and fitness tools – you can track your heart rate in real time every day and measure calories burned more accurately. Also, you can choose between 20 different training modes on the wrist, including golf, pilates, spinning, or tennis. And if you prefer to run, bike or hike outdoors, you can use your phone’s shared GPS exercise modes to see pace and distance in real time. Furthermore, with Premium, you have access to more than 200 guided audio and video workouts to do where and when you want, managed by certified personal trainers and trendy brands such as Aaptiv, barre3, Daily Burn, obé and POPSUGAR.

While exercising, it is also possible to understand whether to increase or reduce the effort using the Minutes in the Active Zone, a personalized metric that monitors the activity and that not only takes into account the steps, but also the actual time spent in each cardio zone: in this way, you can track your intense and moderate activity to achieve therecommended weekly goal of 150 minutes in the Active Zone to improve your well-being. And if you need an extra boost, Movement Reminders help you stay active and reduce sedentary time; Plus, with Premium, training can be even more fun with activity challenges and personalized games.

Fitbit Luxe: design and functionality for the ultimate tracker

Fitbit Luxe: live smart all day

In addition to all these fantastic fitness and wellness tools, Luxe fits perfectly into the lifestyle of each person with smart features like alarms, stopwatches and timers to help manage your day; all without sacrificing the battery that lasts up to five days. With the notifications of calls, messages and smartphone apps you never lose what matters and these can also be customized to plan your day, for example by setting bedtime reminders or using ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode to keep your focus. Luxe’s ​​broad compatibility with Android and iOS phones, plus fast pairing with Google Fast Pair, allow you to live on the go without worrying about connectivity.

Fitbit Luxe: design and functionality for the ultimate tracker

Fitbit Luxe: A stylish device you can’t wait to wear

Luxe’s ​​modern and innovative design is characterized by soft lines inspired by the human body that fit perfectly on the wrist, to create a look similar to that of a modern jewel with a classic and timeless style. At the design stage, Fitbit used an innovative process called metal injection molding: a cutting-edge reinterpretation of traditional metal shaping, to create the polished finish on the stainless steel case that is reminiscent in all respects of that of a handcrafted jewel. All this without sacrificing the level of precision required to make its advanced sensor technology work. The result is one of Fitbit’s most stylish and comfortable devices, designed for a wide range of wrist sizes and skin tones, as well as limitless daily use. To produce the high-quality enamel, which brings it even closer to a jewel, Fitbit also used a technique of vaporization of the metal on the gold and platinum finishes, which gives the product a real premium final effect.

To give an even more sophisticated touch to Luxe, Fitbit teamed up with gorjana, the jewelry brand of Laguna Beach. Gorjana for Fitbit Luxe Special Edition transforms the tracker into a stylish accessory with the Parker Link Light Gold Stainless Steel Band, plus the Light Pink Water Resistant Silicone Classic Band, to easily switch between looks. The wide range of accessories that can be combined with your outfit, includes comfortable Classic silicone straps in the colors lunar white, orchid, black and light pink, Horween leather straps a…

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