FIFA 22: SuperLega clubs excluded from the new game?

The news of the founding of the new SuperLega has shocked the world of football and beyond, it seems that the participating clubs will not be present in the next FIFA 22

During the night, news arrived that literally shook and divided the world of football in two. Some of the richest clubs in the world have decided to break away from organizations such as UEFA and FIFA to create a league Besides all its own. This news, however, apparently, will also have repercussions within the videogame industry. In FIFA 22in fact, the teams that have joined the initiative may not be present SuperLega.

FIFA 22: goodbye to the 15 teams that have joined the SuperLega?

The war between UEFA, FIFA and the SuperLega has just begun and will be fought with lawsuits, fines and official declarations. According to the latest news, many have speculated the possibility that the clubs that have joined the SuperLeague will not be present inside in the next video game: FIFA 22. The teams in question are 12 and other clubs are expected to join. It is about:

  • Real Madrid (LEAGUE)
  • Barcelona (LIGA)
  • Atletico Madrid (LEAGUE)
  • Juventus (SERIE A)
  • Inter (SERIE A)
  • Milan (SERIE A)
  • Manchester United (PREMIER LEAGUE)
  • Chelsea (PREMIER LEAGUE)
  • Arsenal (PREMIER LEAGUE)
  • Liverpool (PREMIER LEAGUE)
  • Tottenham (PREMIER LEAGUE)
  • Manchester City (PREMIER LEAGUE)

This consideration is perfectly linked to the will, on the part of FIFA itself, to exclude from its competitions (therefore also from its branding world) all the teams that have joined the project. There are still no official statements which, in the case of the video game, will also have to take into account the idea of Electronic Arts about. The meat on the fire is definitely a lot and this news, which arrived last night, created havoc throughout the world of sport and beyond. Let us know what you think and most importantly, a football video game without these teams will have the same appeal ever?

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