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Fitbit: the best travel companion on your wrist

Sea or mountain? question that for centuries has divided humanity during the summer. This year, however, it doesn’t matter where you go, the important thing will be to go there with Fitbit on your wrist

Because thanks to yours tracker o smartwatch, you can give value to every nap you take under the branches of a tree or by the sea. Consider every stroke taken to reach the mat as relevant (yes, the Fitbit is waterproof up to 50 meters). Keep track of your beats which, under the summer sun, you know, reach the fat-burning zone in an instant. You will be able to add ice creams to your food diary, and monitor if you are keeping hydrated as the TG reminds you.

In short, to live a#EstateConFitbit it will be a unique experience and you will arrive in September that, in addition to already dreaming of the next holidays, you will get to know each other better.

The device can be an excellent companion on the road or at home to motivate you in adopting healthier lifestyle habits, offer you tips to stay active and improve your lifestyle, to take back your routine after work and school stress. Making you more and more aware of your state of health, through an approach that combines physical activity, sleep, nutrition and stress management as the key to connect with well-being, is what unites Fitbit and the Italian Auxological Institute.

The statements of Giovanni Bergamaschi and Daniela Lucini

Giovanni BergamaschiHead of Fitbit Southern Europe Google ha rilasciato:

What better time than summer to give priority to well-being, with a Fitbit smartwatch on your wrist that can motivate you like a real personal trainer and that allows you to stay connected while reducing the use of your smartphone? An early morning walk to the park, a nice swim or a hike on mountain trails, are just some examples of how everyone can try to transform outdoor environments into a ‘personal gym’ to spend time outdoors, keep fit. , relax and play sports, improving mood and reducing stress levels.

Daniela LuciniHead of Sports Medicine and Physical Exercise Service, Italian Auxological Institute of Milan said:

Doing physical activity outdoors is certainly a panacea for our well-being. To the typical beneficial effects of physical exercise are added those linked to adequate social distancing, to better exposure to the sun (which allows the synthesis of Vitamin D, essential for our bones), as well as to the well-being felt in the air. open, improving mood and making exercise less boring. Everyone can find the most suitable physical activity to do according to their inclinations and possibilities: from simple walking or cycling, to specific structured exercise such as jogging or playing tennis. It is important to choose the right time and clothing, remember to drink water and protect yourself with adequate sun protection.

Better management and understanding of your physical and psychological state

Fitbit makes it simple and intuitive from one APP access to information and tools for better management and understanding of your physical and psychological state: summer and holidays can be the best time to take time to care for your body and mind, to find a routine in line with your way of being and paying more attention to the details of your lifestyle: from the quality of sleep, to heart rate, to a more balanced diet, to the reduction of sedentary lifestyle.

The improvement of well-being certainly passes from a good night’s sleep, even and above all on vacation, away from the stress of everyday life. With Fitbit you can do it thanks, for example, to Sleep Scorebased on a personalized analysis of various physical parameters, but above all thanks to the brand new “sleep profile” function, available for using Premium: This analysis of sleep characteristics makes data interpretation even easier thanks to 6 fun animal archetypes that are associated with specific habits.

Improving the quality of your sleep has never been easier. They encourage healthy physical activity and allow you to optimize your routine, both in daily life and when traveling, thanks, for example, to Daily Recovery Levelavailable within the Fitbit Premium service, which uses data and information on your physical status, including recent activity levels, sleep patterns and heart rate variability, to assess whether you are ready for a training session or whether to opt for for rest.

Track how you feel, monitor your stress level

Take advantage of the holidays to disconnect from the daily routine and also follow the progress of your emotional well-being! Evaluate the factors that influence it over time – app tracking of moods and consulting your stress management score, for example, give you a holistic overview of how your body handles anxiety.

To indulge in moments of relaxation, all Fitbit users also have tools such as sessions available mindfulness, yoga, meditation and guided breathingwhile Premium subscribers have access to a detailed analysis of the stress score, to an exclusive selection of content Calm (in English), No. 1 sleep appmeditation and relaxation, as well as personalized advice and programs to achieve the goals set.

But not only! The smartwatch allows you to stay connected even on the move with call notifications, messages, apps, and much more, such as, for example, the ability to see the distance traveled in real time with the integrated GPS, or to manage electronic payments, always from the wrist.

Are you from the sea or from the mountains? The important thing is to go there Fitbit, the best travel companion. Let us know below in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page, on all our other social networks and to stay connected on

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