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META QUEST: the V42 update arrives

Great news for VR lovers is the arrival of Meta Quest’s V42 update

Oculus Move (here for more details) is about to get new and awesome Move Achievements, which will give extra recognition for all training in VR. Also, new tools for parental supervision are on the way, in the wake of last month’s v41 update. Software updates are rolled out gradually across all headsets to ensure everything runs smoothly! Below we will give you more details on the V42 update.

Move Achievements

Just last month Oculus Move was improved, allowing you to track workouts from your phone and also allowing iOS users to sync their stats with Apple Healthif they wish. But here comes another set of Oculus Move improvements, with v42. From this month you can get recognition for all the hard work done in VR during training: the Move Achievements. There will be a dedicated tab in the Oculus Move in VR app to keep track of all milestones, whether they are completed daily goals or calories burned. And like everything Oculus Move, you can achieve these achievements by playing whatever you want!

Also, in version 42, it will be introduced Move Trends to better view your Move data and track your fitness progress from week to week. And for those who love numbers, through Trends it is possible to deepen the fitness statistics and view the average and peak intensity (calories burned per minute).

Parental supervision

A number of new supervisory tools for parents were launched last month. These created to give them and teens more control over their VR experiences, but that was just the starting point. As part of the version 42, new tools will be introduced that will allow parents to turn social features on and off for teens. Social features include the ability to create and join parties, visit and watch VR content together in Meta Horizon Home. And still send or receive chat messages through Oculus Chat and Messenger in VR, or use the share option to post on Facebook.

And this is only the beginning. There VR is still a new and evolving space and Meta recognizes its responsibility in helping parents to orient themselves better and create the necessary tools. The company will continue to expand parental supervision offerings over time, based on what works best and what teens need.

And you? what do you think of this new Meta Quest V42 update ? tell us yours below in the comments and stay connected on, for the latest news from the world of technology (and not only!).

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