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Fitbit Versa Luxe Charge: the new offers for trackers

Fitbit launches a new promotional campaign, offering discounts on Versa, Luxe and Charge. Let’s see all the available offers together

There are a few days left to Valentine’s Day and between chocolates, romantic trips and any kind of furnishings we are bombarded with possible gifts for our better half, what if this soulmate hasn’t revealed itself yet? Regalati Fitbit and find out thanks to constant monitoring of heart rate who really makes your heart beat!

Fitbit Versa Luxe Charge: the new offers for trackers

Fitbit Versa Luxe Charge: Versa 3, the ideal smartwatch for those who love sports

Optimized for guarantee a minimum duration of 6 days with a single charge, Fitbit Versa 3 is a smartwatch that integrates all functions for well-being and the fitness that they could to desire in one smartwatches: l’ideal ally for those who love to do sport e monitor your own status of health! Versa 3 stands out for its AMOLED screen, ben visible at the sunlight e ample per show all information necessary. The smartwatch also provides the Daily Recovery Levelbased on body data and ontraining done and, thanks to Integrated GPSoffers the possibility of analyze the progress of the training according to the route.

Per to monitor the Welfare of one’s body are present different featuresincluding: the health monitoringwith a dedicated sensor to the heartbeat that comes monitored in real time 24 hours on 24; report per analyze sleep and monitor stress and menstruation; data on blood saturationthe heart rate variability and more (all data they can be analyzed nell’app Fitbit). Compatible with Google voice assistants e Alexa, lets get information via the internetcome weather forecast e various newsto set memorandum and of control home automation devices compatible with the aforementioned assistants, the all from the wrist it’s simply using your voice. Furthermore, connecting Fitbit Versa 3 to your own smartphone it’s possible receive notifications of calls in entrance, of the messages and of app. Include 90 day free trial from Fitbit Premium.

At the moment the offer discounts the price of the device a 169,99 (instead of 229,99€).

Fitbit Versa Luxe Charge: the new offers for trackers

Fitbit Luxe, the trendy tracker for fitness and wellness

Fitbit Luxe is a refined tracker e innovative, designed for help lead a healthier life and for focus on your own holistic wellbeing. Represents a real ally what a motive e offers support which you may need for to take care of from the own healthincluding instruments for the stress management and functions for the automatic monitoring from sleep e activities: all in one tracker frommodern and versatile look. IS easy gives use, comfortable to wear day and night, with one duration up to 5 days. Offer the automatic detection of all daily activities registering footsteps, distance, active minutes, calories burned and the stress scorewhile of night monitors automatically sleep stages. Furthermore, it is waterproofoffers more than 20 training modes goal-based e Shared GPS with the telephone.

Fitbit Luxe include 6 months on Fitbit Premiuma service that allows you to have access to a more in-depth analysis of your data.

The price promotional and of 129,99€ (instead of 149,99€). Version gorjana per Fitbit Luxe Special Edition in promo a 179,99€ (instead of 199,99€).

Fitbit Versa Luxe Charge: the new offers for trackers

Fitbit Versa Luxe Charge: Charge 5, the most advanced fitness and wellness tracker ever!

Charge 5 è the latest version of the fitness tracker Fitbit’s most famous, featuring a display AMOLED color and one battery able to offer autonomy for a whole week. Fitbit Charge 5 monta un EDA sensor that measure the body response at the stress revealing theelectrodermal activitynamely i changes occurring in the sweat glands on the fingers. Besides constantly trace the heart rate and run theelectrocardiogram via the dedicated ECG apphighlighting any critical situation to be explored with the support from a doctori red sensors e infrared allow to monitor blood oxygen saturation and the respiratory rate. There is no shortage of functions to analyze the sleep, Besides 20 training modes providing real-time statistics. Water resistant up to 50 meters of depth, the NFC sensor e Fitbit Pay allow you to make payments directly from your wrist. Include 6 months on Fitbit Premium.

The offer brings the price to a total of 179,99€ in three colors: Black / Stainless Steel Graphite, Moon White / Stainless Steel Light Gold, Blue Gray / Stainless Steel Platinum.

For Valentine’s Day, Fitbit also proposes in promotion many accessories for Charge 5, like the fantastic ones cinturini Hook & Loopthe classics Sport straps or theelegant high quality strap handmade with Horween leatherto customize Charge 5 according to your own style!

Will you take advantage of Fitbit’s offers? Let us know yours in the comments section, then I invite you to follow our mobile section so as not to miss any news or reviews.

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