Fitbit Will Smith: the new partnership for wellness

The new partnership between Fitbit and Will Smith was born to put your well-being first. Let’s find out together how it was born

The actor, producer and musician Will Smith enter the Fitbit family like New ambassador. As part of the partnership strategica, Fitbit and Will teamed up for create exclusive content through i social, Fitbit Premium and the docuseries YouTube Originals, “Best Shape of My Life”, available soon.

Fitbit Will Smith: the new partnership for wellness

Will Smith rests between sets while sitting on a weight bench at the gym, wearing Fitbit Charge 4.

Fitbit Will Smith: It’s all about Premium

To help revolutionize e redefine your own routine, Fitbit e Will Smith stanno collaborating per develop exclusive content on Fitbit Premium, which will include a number of health programs e Welfare focus on physical aspects e mental of strength, today more than ever key to better general health. Through video sessions with Will and his team di trainer, Premium members will be able to do so join a this path with workouts, relaxation sessions and more, give it HIIT exercises and of force, to the activities of yoga e meditation.

The first session, which will be available on September 27, it was designed to give rhythm to the day with a stimulating workout and to reach of all, taught by Will and his coaches. These contents will allow you to to follow more close the path from Will and they can be carried out when e dove and wants, in every moment of the day. The program it will come expanded in the coming months and will be added to the library beyond 500 workouts e sessions of relaxation already available for Premium members.

Fitbit Will Smith: the new partnership for wellness

Will Smith, wearing Fitbit Charge 4, green shorts, a green shirt and camouflage leggings, takes a boxing stance in the sand dunes.

To be in better shape than ever

Over the past year, Will, like many of us, has experienced the lack of a regular routine: not only that, he also publicly admitted that he was in “the worst shape of (his) life”. Now that’s it rebuilding his daily schedule, documented his personal journey and progress along his path. As a Fitbit user, Will recently used Charge 4 to try to improve his shape e redefine his goals from salute e Welfare, tracing just everything: from calories burned e daily activity, to training and daily steps.

Available in Autumn on his YouTube channel, the six-part docuseries YouTube Originals, “Best Shape Of My Life,” produced by Westbrook Media, will follow on voyage Will’s while challenge see same to improve each appearance of her salute and his Welfare, along with many special guests.

Fitbit will be here I’m throughout its journey: just keep going to follow the updates of Fitbit to learn more and find out how Will will use the new tools of holistic health on its new Charge 5.

Fitbit Will Smith: the new partnership for wellness

Will Smith running on a track, wearing green running shorts and t-shirt and Fitbit Charge 4.

It’s possible join al voyage from Will to one better health with a subscription Fitbit Premium and making sure to follow Fitbit to be the first to know everything that’s going to happen behind the scenes in the coming months.

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