Halo Infinite: That’s why we didn’t see the Campaign during Gamescom

After passing under the spotlight of Gamescom 2021’s Opening Night Live, many fans have complained about the inability to see the Halo Infinite Campaign: here are the reasons why nothing of the singleplayer mode was shown

During this year’s Gamescom opening conference, there was also room for the very famous Halo Infinite, of which the official release date has finally been revealed (scheduled for 8 December 2021). Nonetheless, we haven’t been able to see anything on it yet campagna in singleplayer, displeasing many fans who couldn’t wait to get some more information about the game. This also aroused worry in the community: the game is out in just over a couple of months, and the only trailer related to the campaign is more than a year ago. In light of all this, the creative director by Halo Infinite, Jospeh Staten, he expressed himself on the reason for the absence of the singleplayer campaign in the game’s advertising campaign at Gamescom.

That’s why we couldn’t see the Halo Infinite campaign during Gamescom

Staten released his statements about the absence of the Halo Infinite campaign at Gamescom in a post on the game’s official blog. The creative director began by stating that the public’s disappointment at not seeing any of the campaign’s gameplay was acknowledged, and then added the following:

We are in a critical phase of the in-flight adventure that is Halo Infinite, so it’s extremely important to avoid distractions and stay focused only on our most critical duties. For the Campaign, this means making every effort to ensure that the experience you will be able to play from 8 December is the best it can be. Game demos and trailers not only take a tremendous amount of effort to get them right, they also take away time from other tasks like bug handling and other end-of-development duties.

Halo Infinite: That's why we didn't see the Campaign during Gamescom

So the explanation is that, when creating a game demo or trailer, valuable time is taken away from game development, which 343 Industries apparently cannot afford at this stage of development. Staten then proceeded to revive the hype, claiming he is playing game campaign and can’t wait to go home (from Gamescom) to continue their game:

I hope you all take comfort in the fact that I honestly can’t wait to go home, start the game and hit ‘Continue’. No matter how many times you play it, Halo Infinite remains, fundamentally, super fun to play, and we can’t wait to share all the fun with you through gameplay, trailers and other content once this flight has landed safely. .

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