Fitness VR with Meta Quest, the best apps and top rated games for fitness

Fitness VR con Meta Quest, le migliori applicazioni e i giochi più votati per il fitness thumbnail

After the holidays, good resolutions always begin to resume better nutrition, but also the fitness he wants his share and for this reason Meta Quest he has thought of an easy routine he knows how to follow, thanks to the multiple applications VR for fun and engaging training.

Meta Quest VR fitness

VR fitness is perfect for getting your whole body moving and it is above all possible to do it according to your own schedules.

This month, a different fitness theme will be featured every week it will stimulate users to move their body and have fun while exercising. Inspirational stories from people who have integrated VR fitness into their lives will also be told, highlighting some of the great applications.

Let’s see together a selection of applications that are perfect for start training again.


It’s about a great boxing, HIIT and dance experience by subscription, which makes training accessible and fun. FitXR is ideal for getting moving, with seven new workouts a week, each accompanied by hit songs from top artists. There are also three studios offering classes taught by world-renowned coaches.

FitXR offers a complete workout in one place. It will be possible to warm up, train and relax, alone or with up to six friends, directly in the app. It’s available with a one-week free trial, which you can cancel anytime through your Meta account.


With the VR Supernatural fitness app, it’s possible become the best version of yourself while visiting some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

With experienced and inspiring trainers, users will be able to reach goals, stretch, box, knee, meditate. Supernatural almost delivers 1,800 workoutswith new ones being added every day, and thousands of songs.

It will be possible to box to the rhythm of music, activate the body, meditate in beautiful destinations and recover with guided stretching sessions.

Click here for a free trial.

Racket: Nx

Racket: Nx is where racquetball meets Breakout inside a massive pinball machine.

Players can play swing in single-player or competitive multiplayer, enter the giant glass dome and watch the walls light up as they destroy targets. The goal is to wipe out the targets before running out of energy.

The community’s top-rated workout apps

Each of these applications has received a rating of more than 4 out of 5 on the Meta Quest Store. Let’s see what they are.


Award-winning game blurs the lines between measured strategy and unbridled chaos. In SUPERHOT VR time only moves when the user moves, so the more you sweat shooting, slicing and dodging bullets in slow motion, the more action there will be.

SUPERHOT VR features slow motion combat which allow the user to fight against infinite enemies and train better.


Modeled after the bodycombat martial arts and fitness program and created by instructors Rachael Newsham and Dan Cohen, Les Mills Bodycombat incorporates many activities that increase the heart rate in one of the most popular VR fitness applications.

The Thrill of the Fight

This boxing app allows anyone who wants to jump into the ring to dodge the opponent’s blows and deliver the finishing blow.

Eleven Table Tennis

Thanks to this table tennis simulator you can train hard while challenging your friends in online or computer multiplayer mode.

This week’s top VR fitness news

Android integration

Meta has integrated Meta Quest Move stats into the Meta Quest companion app on Android and iOS, to track your activity and sync Fitness progress in VR with Android’s Health Connect.

Elite Strap Bundle, available for a limited time

Until January 15th, Meta Quest 2 comes with a Elite Strap at no extra cost. This is an essential accessory as it allows you to balance and support the viewer by turning the integrated wheel. In this way it will be possible to do physical activity without worrying about the adherence of the viewer, regardless of the movements. At the regular price of €69.99, the strap is free if you buy a Meta Quest 2 by January 15th.

Quest for Fitness in Meta Horizon Worlds

Meta Horizon Worlds is ideal for getting some movement together with friends, whether it’s a do yoga in a beautiful redwood forest with Paige Willisto dance with Alyson Stoner in the desert or to do sculpture or HIIT in natural settings.

See statistics in real time

With the Meta Quest Move Overlay function it will be possible to see the heart rate, calories burned and minutes of activity in real time.

To see your heart rate in real time, you can pair a Bluetooth heart rate monitor with Meta Quest.

The motivational story of the week

“Always remember why your physical and mental health journey is important to you. I focus on my health to be able to play with my children and possibly my grandchildren. This keeps me going when I have a difficult day, which is the case for everyone.” These are the words di Antonio HarrisonSupernatural Coach and protagonist of the story of the week.

You can find more inspiring stories by visiting the Official Supernatural Community on Facebook.